Quiz: Test your skills to see if you could survive alone in the wilderness!
Test your skills to see if you could survive alone in the wilderness!
By: Dyann Joyce
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Many people turn to the great outdoors for adventure and to explore, but it can get dangerous sometimes. Whether you've lost your direction, been injured or become separated from your group, it's important to know how to survive. If you think you have the knowledge, or just want to see if you could make it in the outdoors alone, this is the quiz for you!

Do you know which way to go when you come across a river? Do you know how to react if you encounter a wild animal, such as a bear? If you find yourself coming up to a cliff, do you know what you should do? A large part of surviving in the wilderness is knowing how to deal with both the terrain and creatures you may be faced with.

Do you know how long you can live without food or water? Do you know how to deal with the challenges that certain climates may bring? Do you know how to start a fire, especially when night falls? Knowing a bit about yourself and your limits is also a great strength to have when faced with being stranded alone.

If you think you've got the skills to make it through in the wilderness, this one is for you. Take this quiz to see if you could emerge as a survivor!

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