Quiz: Let's Talk Hollywood Turkey: Thanksgiving Movie Quiz
Let's Talk Hollywood Turkey: Thanksgiving Movie Quiz
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The holidays and great family stories go hand-in-hand.If you think you're an ace at Thanksgiving movie trivia, put your turkey where your mouth is, and take this quiz!

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What movie was John Hughes first where he directed adult leads?
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This film by director Ang Lee features early performances by Christina Ricci and Elijah Wood.
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What 1969 film that prominently features a Thanksgiving dinner is based on a popular '60s-era song?
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This film, which focuses on a family that gathers for Thanksgiving, is named for a song on Paul Simon's 1986 album "Graceland."
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Holly Hunter stars as a single mom who spends Thanksgiving with her dysfunctional family at her childhood home in this funny film.
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Pauly Shore pretends to be engaged to a small-town farm girl in this silly 1993 Thanksgiving comedy.
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The writer, director and producer of the Thanksgiving dramedy "Funny People" is also behind Hollywood blockbusters like "Knocked Up," "Bridesmaids" and "Anchorman."
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What 1986 film begins and ends with family Thanksgiving dinners?
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The central point of this film is when the main character decides to take garbage to the town dump after Thanksgiving dinner.
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In 2005, the Library of Congress selected this film for preservation in the United States National Film Registry .
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What critically acclaimed '80s movie is reported to have a deleted scene with friends preparing Thanksgiving dinner together?
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This 2005 British-American romantic historical drama film by Terrence Malick depicts the founding of the Jamestown, Virginia, settlement.
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What is director Judd Apatow's longest film?
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What prime-time TV special originally aired on CBS on November 20, 1973, and won an Emmy Award in 1974?
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Despite receiving mixed reviews, this silly film that centers around Black Friday shopping has a cult following.
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What Woody Allen film won Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress?
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This film stars Katie Holmes as a young woman who invites her dying mother and the rest of her estranged family to her apartment for Thanksgiving dinner.
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What film is a remake of Dino Risi's 1974 Italian film "Profumo di Donna"?
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What 2008 drama stars Nick Cannon as a marine on a four-day leave from Camp Pendleton before being deployed to Iraq?
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What 1992 drama tells the story of a prep school student who takes a job as an assistant to a blind, medically retired Army officer?
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This 2013 3-D animated film follows Reggie the turkey, who has always been afraid of Thanksgiving for its turkey-filled menu.
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Although this film initially received mixed reviews, it was later hailed as one of the best films of the decade.
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"Pieces of April," about a woman who invites her estranged family to her apartment for Thanksgiving, was named for a 1972 hit song by which act?
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What Thanksgiving thriller centers around twin brothers, Todd and Terry?
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What film is based on Anna Quindlen's real life?
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What Thanksgiving short film includes a dinner feast of buttered toast, pretzel sticks, popcorn and jelly beans?
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Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for her performance in which film that featured a Thanksgiving scene?
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This critically panned movie featured Ed O'Neill retrieving his girlfriend's son from boarding school in time for Thanksgiving.
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This movie featured not one, not two but four different Thanksgivings.
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