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Ann M. Martin kept tweens busy in the '80s and '90s, saving up their babysitting cash to splurge on her latest book. Travel back to Stoneybrook with our "Baby-Sitters Club" book quiz!

Who was not one of the four original members of the club?

The four original members of the club were Kristy Thomas, Claudia Kishi, Mary Anne Spier and Stacey McGill, though the club expanded many times over the series.


Whose room are meetings held in?

Claudia is the only member of the club with her very own phone line, so the meetings are held in her bedroom. She is named vice-president of the club for playing host, while Kristy is president because the club was her idea.


Which member of the club is from California?

Dawn, who serves as alternate officer for much of the series, hails from California. She moves to Stoneybrook with her mom after her parents' divorce but goes back and forth between the two coasts throughout the series.


What is Jessi's official role in the club?

At only 11 years old, Jessi Ramsey and Mallory Pike are chosen as junior officers in the club. This basically means they can't sit alone at night.


Which club member has a twin?

It's Abby Stevenson, who is known for her athleticism and being allergic to pretty much everything, who has a twin sister named Anna. Abby is introduced in book No. 90 "Welcome to the BSC, Abby."


Who is the first member of the club to have a boyfriend?

Despite the fact that Claudia and Stacey are seen as more outgoing and boy crazy than the other members, it's Mary Anne who gets a boyfriend first when she starts dating Logan Bruno.


What is the name of Kristy's stepfather?

Kristy's world is thrown upside down when her mother marries Watson Brewer and the family moves to his mansion on the other side of town. The marriage also gives Kristy a little stepbrother and stepsister, Andrew and Karen.


What type of team does Kristy coach?

Kristy is the founder and proud coach of Kristy's Krushers, a softball team for little kids. She often plays Bart's Bashers, a team managed by her on-and-off boyfriend Bart.


What is California's answer to the BSC?

Dawn and her friends Sunny, Maggie and Jill managed a West coast version of the Baby-Sitters Club known as the We Love Kids Club, allowing Dawn to find babysitting jobs on both coasts.


Who is the biggest enemy of the BSC members?

Cokie Mason has a bad habit of causing trouble for the BSC, including sending anonymous notes to the members and trying to stir things up between Logan and Mary Anne.


What is "The Truth About Stacey?"

In the third book of the series, fans learn that Stacey has Type I diabetes. She waited to tell her friends about her condition because she was worried they would make fun of her, but the BSC members are as supportive as ever when they learn about the disease.


Which two club members become stepsisters during the series?

When Dawn's mother marries Mary Anne's father, the two girls become step-sisters. It takes a while to get used to living together, but eventually, the girls are thrilled to be related.


What is Jackie Rodowsky's nickname?

Jackie and Shea Rodowsky are favorite clients of the BSC, but poor Jackie is known as the Walking Disaster for his tendency to wreak havoc -- accidentally -- wherever he goes.


What camp do the girls work at in one of the BSC Super Specials?

The members of the BSC serve as CITs at Camp Mohawk, while younger members Mallory and Jessi are Junior CITs. While at camp, the group keeps a scrapbook that all members contribute to.


How do the club members spend their money after winning the lottery?

After winning $10,000 in the lottery, the girls head to California, where they enjoy the sunshine and Dawn spends time learning to bond with stepmother Carol.


Who lands the lead when the BSC acts in "Peter Pan?"

In "Starring the Baby-Sitters Club," the girls work on a production of "Peter Pan," with Kristy as Peter Pan and Dawn as Wendy. Jessi is upset to miss out on the lead role and ends up as a choreographer instead.


What is the club's favorite beach town?

The gang frequently heads to Sea City in the summer to soak up the sun. The Pike family rents a house at the beach each year, where the girls take the kids to favorite spots like Burger Garden and Kotton Kandy Korner.


Who is Stacey's favorite person to babysit?

Long-time BSC client Charlotte Johannsen loves the BSC, but has a special bond with Stacey. She is also best friends with Jessi's little sister Becca, and the proud owner of a dog named Carrot.


Who is "Jessi's Babysitter" from book No. 36?

After Jessi's Aunt Cecelia moves in, Jessi feels like things at home are too strict, especially after her aunt forbids her from attending a meeting of the BSC.


Which family fosters the Worst Kid Ever?

The members of the BSC love sitting for the Papadakises -- until they foster Lou McNally in "Kristy and the Worst Kid Ever." Lou later returns with a much-improved attitude in "Abby and the Best Kid Ever" near the end of the series.


What is the Junk Bucket?

When Kristy moves across town to Watson's house, the club pays her brother Charlie to drive her to meetings in his car, which is affectionately known as the Junk Bucket.


Who shows up out of the blue in "Kristy's Big News," the first book in the Friends Forever collection?

After abandoning the family when Kristy was young, her father shows up out of the blue in "Kristy's Big News," hoping his kids will attend his wedding in California.


Who do Claudia and Stacey fight over in "Stacey vs. Claudia?"

In the second book in the Friends Forever collection, Stacey and Claudia fight over new boy Jeremy Rudolph. Stacey eventually breaks up with her boyfriend Ethan and starts dating Jeremy instead.


Who is sending creepy notes to the club in "Beware Dawn?"

In the second book in the BSC Mystery series, Dawn is receiving scary notes that are jeopardizing her chances to win the Sitter of the Month contest. She eventually discovers that young Mel Parker -- intent on revenge -- is the one behind Mr. X.


Which of the club members has to repeat seventh grade?

Claudia has trouble at school throughout the entire series and eventually gets sent back to 7th grade while her friends move on to 8th grade. Making things even worse is the fact that Claudia's sister Janine is a certified genius.


Where is the spooky dwelling located in "Baby-Sitters Haunted House," the first Super Mystery in the series?

After Lisa Brewer's friend inherits a house in Reese, Maine, the girls head up to help the family settle in -- and find themselves dealing with a spooky spirit.


Which club members end up shipwrecked in "Baby-Sitters Island Adventure?"

In this fourth Super Special, Dawn and Claudia end up shipwrecked on an island along with several charges -- including Becca Ramsey, Dawn's brother Jeff and Jamie Newton.


Whose house burns down in the final book in the regular series?

Mary Anne loses her home in book No. 131 -- "The Fire at Mary Anne's House." Her cat Tigger wakes her up so she escapes safely, and her family moves in with Kristy until they can get back on their feet.


Which younger sibling of a BSC member gets a spinoff series?

"Baby-Sitters Little Sister," starring Kristy's stepsister Karen Brewer lasted almost as long as the original series. It also spawned its own spinoff called "The Kids in Ms. Coleman's Class."


How many of the 213 BSC books did Ann M. Martin write?

Ann M. Martin's name appeared on every one of the books in the series, but she actually only wrote 60 to 80 of them, including a 2010 prequel called "The Summer Before.


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