Quiz: Beyond the Buggers: The Ender's Quintet Quiz
Beyond the Buggers: The Ender's Quintet Quiz
By: Olivia Seitz
Image: tmdb

About This Quiz

To many, "Ender's Game" may seem like modern ultra-fantasy science fiction. What may be surprising is that the series originated from a short story in 1977 and its subsequent novelization in 1985 by novelist Orson Scott Card. In fact, the story is so beloved it has come out in short story, book, film, comics, and video games. But how much do you know about Ender's Quintet? This quiz will make you feel like Bonzo is riding you the whole way through. 

There are five books in the Ender Series. After the first book, "Ender's Game," which of the next four can be read as a standalone and out of order from the remaining four books? Can you recall what a Descolada is? You probably don't want to come across it. Do you remember what Pequeninos are, or another name for them? 

Growing up as a teenager, you probably imagined saving the world in a science fiction setting. From combat to social battles and of course politics and unique cultures, Orson Scott Card reminds the world what humanity is all about. Do you think you have what it takes to recall and decipher the world of "Ender's Game?" Take this quiz to see if you have what others don't!

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