Quiz: The Carpentry Quiz
The Carpentry Quiz
By: Torrance Grey
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About This Quiz

Did you know that some of history's most famous and influential people started out as carpenters? Well, okay ... actually, just one of them, Jesus Christ. It's well-known that he was a carpenter; less well known is that Jesus was a specific type; he built boats. That's why he was living on the sea of Galilee, and why his first disciples were fishermen; he knew them from his work. 

Fast-forward 2000 years, and carpentry is still a vital profession. In the 21st century, some carpenters have branched out into specialized fields, like cabinetmaking and decorative woodwork. This means they can always find work, even in the age of pre-fabricated homes and new materials, like steel (which is common in multi-story urban buildings) or eco-friendly straw bales (popular for family residences). But make no mistake, you'll still see a lot of wood-frame homes going up -- timber isn't going anywhere, and neither is carpentry. 

How much do you know about this respected profession? Do you know, for example, what it means when a home is "stick built"? (Sounds flimsy!) Or where in a new building you'd find "trusses"? And just how far have women made inroads into this male-dominated field? Test your knowledge of the carpentry trade now, with our quiz!

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Which of these would a carpenter be most likely to use?
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What is putting up the basic "bones" of a house called?
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What is the term for a wall that supports the ceiling/roof?
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"Flat" and "Phillips" refer to what kind of hand tools?
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The vertical planks of a house's frame are called what?
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The horizontal equivalent of a stud is called a _____.
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Sawing wood against the grain is called ______.
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Approximately how far apart are a house's studs?
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The equivalent of molding, between the floor and wall, is called what?
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The smoothed angles you often see on molding is called _______.
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A roof's steepness is called its _____.
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A ceiling that is sloped, like the roof above it, is called ______.
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An interior door usually has ___ hinges.
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You'd find out whether a surface is even by using a spirit _____.
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"A-frame" and "extension" refer to what?
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A carpenter can be an apprentice, a journeyman or a _____.
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"Miter" is a word that describes a ...
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What is the "opposite" of a spirit level?
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True or false: A drill can be battery-operated.
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Where would you find "rafters?"
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Where are shingles used?
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What do you call the exterior metal elements that keep water out of a house?
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Approximately what percent of carpenters in the United States are female?
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A "jack" stud is also known as a ____ stud.
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A home that is built from the ground up is called ...
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True or false: A landing is always at the top of the stairs.
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The height of a single step in a staircase is called its ____.
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The lowest horizontal element of the frame is called what?
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