Will The Combination of Pizza Toppings You Choose Reveal Your Exact Age?

By: Teresa McGlothlin

Do you like pepperoni and sausage together?

Would you combine green olives and black olives on the same pizza?

What would you pair with ham on your pizza?

Would you add mushrooms and onions?

Which cheese combination would you like most?

Which topping would you pair with bacon?

Which herb would you add with garlic?

Which topping best compliments green peppers?

What do you sprinkle on your pizza?

What goes with banana peppers best?

Which topping would you never put on your pizza?

Which two toppings would you add to a cheeseburger pizza?

Which topping goes best with a white pizza?

Which topping best compliments truffles?

What goes best with spinach on pizza?

What would you pair with artichoke on a pizza?

What two toppings would you add to a taco pizza?

What would you pair with chorizo?

What would you combine with anchovies?

What would you add to a buffalo chicken pizza?

Would you add both red onion and white onion?

What would you combine with pesto?

Which topping best compliments mozzarella cheese?

Which topping would you add with goat cheese?

Would you ever pair Gorgonzola and spinach on your pizza?

Which topping tastes best with a brick oven crust?

Which kind of tomato tastes best with Parmesan?

Which fruit would you consider putting on a pizza?

Which two toppings would you add to a dessert pizza?

Which topping tastes best with roasted garlic?

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About This Quiz

Instead of coming right out and asking your age, we thought it would be fun to try something different. While we could fish around with questions about your personality and your lifestyle, it's far more fun to simply order a few strange pizza combinations! Respond to the choices we give you, and we'll make such an accurate guess that you'll never look at pizza the same way again. 

You might not think it's possible to use pizza as some sort of magical oracle, but you couldn't be more wrong. First of all, both oracles and pizzas are round. Plus, the things you will and will not put in your pie hole can indicate the level of food expertise that can only come with age. By the time you are done choosing your topping combinations, we think we will be able to get your age exactly right!

You might want to grab a snack before you begin. Simply pairing up your favorite topping combos can make your mouth water! Make the choices you would make if you were running your own pizzeria. By the time you've take your pizza out of our virtual oven, we'll know how old you really are!

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