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Think you know all there is to know about "The Dark Tower?" Put that knowledge to the test with this quiz.

The "wolves" in "Wolves of Calla" are actually what?

Thankfully, the gunslinger survives their attack and moves on to his next adventure.


Which world is the only one that grants access to the Dark Tower?

When it wasn't broken into decaying pieces, it was called Kingdom of All-World.


What noise does the "billy-bumbler" make over and over again?

And Oy becomes his name, too; he plays many important roles in the story.


How does Roland's lover Susan perish?

Sadly, Roland is forced to choose between Susan's life and the Tower.


What is Roland Dechain's weapon of choice?

He is, after all, a gunslinger.


In "Wolves of Calla," our heroes must protect what object in New York City?

If this single rose is killed, the Tower falls and the universe will be irreparably damaged.


Which of the books is titled "Wizard and Glass?"

It was published in 1997.


Susannah finds her mind affected by a character named what?

Mia is hell-bent on producing a child for the Crimson King, no matter the awful cost.


Which artist illustrated "The Wind Through the Keyhole?"

Lee had previously brought King's work to life in Marvel Comics.


When did King first begin writing the series?

And there may yet be another book; King says he may never be done with the series.


What is the name of the language of the gunslingers of In-World?

Not many people can speak the language due in part to the way civilization is unraveling.


Which character defeats Blaine the Mono in "Wizard and Glass?"

Eddie's stupid jokes overload Blaine's inner workings and cause him to short-circuit.


To what concept does the word "ka" refer?

Throughout the series, ka both binds and destroys relationships and characters.


What is the name of Roland's son?

He is half spider and half human, and he does everything he can to kill Roland.


Why wasn't "The Dark Tower" released in a widespread hardcover version until 1988?

King wasn't sure the fantasy story would resonate with his typical readership.


Tick-Tock Man is linked to which character from "The Stand?"

They both use the phrase, "My life for you" as they follower evil leaders in a twisted universe.


Roland's name was inspired by a poem written by which poet?

The name of the poem is "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came."


How many magnetic Beams are there in the "Dark Tower" world?

The weakening beams mean the Tower is vulnerable.


About how many pages are there in the eight-book series?

Sharpen your speed reading skills; they'll come in handy as you absorb this epic tale.


Which book in the series is the longest?

At 845 pages, it's nearly four times as long as the first "Dark Tower" book.


In the second Dark Tower book, which part of his body does Roland lose during battle?

He's attacked and nearly killed by lobster-like creatures he calls "lobstrosities."


What is the name of the vampire bar in "Dark Tower VII?"

The bar serves human body parts and is the setting for terrible evil.


Roland's character is said to be based on the mannerisms of which famous Hollywood star?

With their steely toughness, it's easy to see how Roland and Clint are similar.


Which book borrows its title from a T.S. Eliot poem?

Eliot's 1922 poem was called "The Waste Land."


What special trait do the red roses have?

The singing roses are just another fantastical twist in this imaginative tale.


Which character is sometimes referred to as Walter o'Dim?

The Man in Black is a shifty and complicated character.


"The Drawing of the Three" is the title for which "Dark Tower" book?

In this one, Odetta and Eddie must work with Roland against The Pusher.


What is the ultimate goal of the Crimson King?

That way, he can take advantage of the resulting havoc and control the universe.


Which of the following was the last "Dark Tower" book to be published?

It was published in 2012 and may not be the last.


Which of the following is NOT a subtitle of "Dark Tower VII?"

The four subtitles were "Reproduction, Revelation, Redemption and Resumption."


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