Quiz: The Deadly Salient: The Battle of the Bulge
The Deadly Salient: The Battle of the Bulge
By: Nathan Chandler
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As 1944 drew to a close, World War II took an expected turn on the Western Front. How much do you know about the Battle of the Bulge?

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How long did the Battle of the Bulge last?
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How many German soldiers took part in the initial surprise attack?
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The German surprise attack was Adolph Hitler's idea.
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Why didn't the Allies use their superior air power to push back the Nazis during the initial attack?
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As part of the battle plan, Hitler wanted his forces to capture which city?
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Where did the Germans choose to launch the attack?
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As the attack progressed, the terrain worked to the advantage of which side?
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In addition to heavy cloud cover, what other weather element was in play at the beginning of the surprise attack?
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About how many civilians lost their lives during the battle?
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How much fuel did the new German Tiger II tank need to travel 1 mile?
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Italian forces served as critical Axis reinforcements during the battle.
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How many days passed before the weather cleared and the Allies were able to effectively launch air strikes?
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How many American P.O.W.s were murdered during the Malmedy massacre?
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How many aircraft did the Allies lose during the battle?
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Which troops were murdered during the Chenogne massacre?
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The German advance besieged a group of Allied troops in Bastogne. When the Nazis demanded surrender, how did the Americans respond?
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At the Battle of the Bulge, American troops incurred their highest casualty rate of the entire war.
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How many casualties did American forces suffer at Battle of the Bulge?
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Of the American casualties, how many soldiers were declared missing?
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Operation Baseplate seriously affected which aspect of the Allied forces?
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On the high end, historians estimate that the Nazis suffered about how many casualties during the battle?
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Which army gets most of the credit for helping the Allies to win the battle?
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Which aspect of Nazi forces were heavily depleted during the battle?
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The Battle of the Bulge was the last truly major German ground offensive of the war.
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By the end of the battle, how many Allied troops were involved in the Battle of the Bulge?
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The unexpected battle delayed Allied plans for a major offensive. How long was the Allied attack pushed back due to Battle of the Bulge?
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In terms of casualties, the battle was the costliest in the history of American warfare.
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