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Who played the very first Doctor?

Hartnell played the very first incarnation of the Doctor, remaining the one and only Doctor from 1963-1966. He was succeeded in 1966 by Patrick Troughton as the second Doctor.

How many Doctors have there been?

There have been twelve Doctors, the latest portrayed by Peter Capaldi. As of 2016, "Doctor Who" has been in existence for 80 years!

Who played the extremely popular tenth Doctor?

David Tennant portrayed the tenth incarnation of the Doctor. His series ran from 2005 to 2010.

Which Doctor was the first to encounter the Daleks?

The Daleks have been an enemy race ever since the series began, with Hartnell's Doctor. Their mission to "exterminate" is well-known in science-fiction fandom.

What is the longest period of time during which one actor played the Doctor?

Tom Baker played the fourth Doctor for seven years, from 1974 to 1981, more years than any other actor has played the Doctor. David Tennant holds second place, having played the tenth Doctor for five years, from 2005 to 2010.

Which doctor's suits were all sewn using pants?

Tennant really liked the look of a certain pair of pants, so the costume design team created his outfit by taking apart and repurposing pairs of pants.

Which Doctor was the first to hold the title, "Lord President of the High Council of Time Lords"?

Described by the BBC as "an adventurer on an epic scale," the fourth Doctor was also one of the most trusted among Time Lord society. Other incarnations of the Doctor were more likely to be in trouble with the council than not.

Which Doctor was the first to encounter the Weeping Angels?

Fans of "Doctor Who" were first introduced to the Weeping Angels in the 2007 episode, "Blink." The terrifying angels feed on the energy of sending people back in time.

Which charming doctor ran about with Amy and Rory?

Matt Smith's character traveled with both Amy and Rory as companions. Boyfriend and girlfriend at the time, Rory and Amy married later in the series.

Which companion was present to welcome the unexpected twelfth Doctor?

Clara was surprised by the Doctor's reappearance in the Tardis, and she was instrumental in getting him back up and running.

Who among the following was not a companion of the fourth Doctor?

Donna Noble was one of the main companions of the tenth Doctor. The two met when Tennant's character whisked her away from her own wedding!

Which Doctor interacted with the show's version of President Nixon?

In "The Impossible Astronaut," Smith's Doctor must work with the U.S. government to defeat a surprising foe: the Silence. Fortunately, conquering an alien invasion force is all in a day's work for the Doctor.

What is the name of the episode in which Matt Smith's Doctor encounters a Weeping Angel as the Statue of Liberty?

In this episode, the evil angels first introduced in "Blink" are back in force, in New York City. During one particularly terrifying moment, the Statue of Liberty comes to life as one of the angels.

Which Doctor encounters the Loch Ness monster?

Baker's Doctor encounters the Loch Ness monster with companions Sarah and Harry. He's surprised to find that it's under the control of the hostile Zygon alien race.

Which Doctor was sentenced to exile on Earth by the Council?

His sentencing paved the way for a new regeneration. The third Doctor, played by Pertwee, could then make his debut on Earth.

Which Doctor had an affair with Mdme. de Pompadour, mistress to King Louis XV?

In "The Girl in the Fireplace," the Doctor finds his way to the beautiful temptress through a time window that leads straight to her bedroom. Their love isn't meant to last, but he does save her from murderous robots.

Which Doctor, scarred by the Time War, mercilessly tortured a Dalek?

Eccleston's Doctor was reeling from the effects of the Time War. He wasn't in the mood for mercy when he found himself in possession of a captive Dalek.

Which companion helped Eccleston's Doctor recover from the Time War?

Rose Tyler was a faithful companion to the ninth and tenth Doctors, and her presence facilitated the Doctor's recovery after the war.

Which companion actually married the Doctor?

Friend to both the tenth and eleventh Doctors, she married the eleventh Doctor. Both her birth and her death were featured in the show.

What is the name of the Doctor's home world?

The Doctor's home planet wasn't named until 1973, when it was mentioned in the episode "The Time Warrior." It was also the debut of witty companion Sarah Jane Smith.

Which companion met the Doctor in "reverse order," so to speak? (It was his first time to see her, and her last to see him).

The Doctor met River for the first time when she was seeing him for the last time. It's one of the quirks of having a relationship with a time-traveling, reincarnating character.

Who was the first companion for the Doctor?

As it turns out, the Doctor's companion was actually his granddaughter. She was joined by two of her schoolteachers as companions to the first Doctor.

Which Doctor assembled the Key to Time?

Assembling the key was critical to saving the universe, and of course, the fourth Doctor was up to the challenge. Finding and assembling the key was the primary plot point of Season 16.

Which Doctor had the unnerving experience of waking up in a morgue?

Often referred to as the "warrior" Doctor, the eighth Doctor had more off-screen adventures than on-screen. His story left off with his attempts to avoid becoming involved in the Time War.

The "War Doctor" wasn't a reincarnation of the Doctor; instead, he was the result of the resurrection, so to speak, of which Doctor?

After the eighth Doctor died, he was brought back to life by the Sisterhood, an organization on Karn. He went on to fight in the Time War.

Which Doctor(s) join the Eleventh Doctor in 2013's "Day of the Doctor""

While the main players in the 50th anniversary episode were the Tenth Doctor and the War Doctor, the Fourth Doctor managed to make a short appearance. It's also the episode that teased the arrival of the Twelfth Doctor.

Which of the following Doctors appeared in the 10th anniversary special of "Doctor Who"?

For the first time, more than one Doctor shared the screen. The episode was titled, rather obviously, "The Three Doctors."

What is the name of the massive weapon the War Doctor used to end the Time War?

The Moment was a devastating sentient weapon, deployed by the War Doctor to destroy both Time Lords and Daleks alike, in a desperate move to bring the war to an end.

Which Doctor gave up his life to save his companion, Peri?

When he and companion Peri were both suffering from a fatal dose of poison, the fifth Doctor administered their only dose of antidote to Peri.

Which Doctor witnessed the creation of the Daleks?

Even though the Daleks debuted during the first Doctor's tenure, the creation story of the Dalek race didn't appear until the fourth Doctor's run. He chose not to prevent their creation.

Which Doctor is famous for the following exclamation? "Just this once, Rose, everybody lives!"

A rare happy moment for Eccleston's tortured character, this exclamation came from the episode, "The Doctor Dances." He was celebrating saving everyone they needed to save.

Which Doctor saved Van Gogh from an alien?

Smith's Doctor made the visit with Amy. The episode tackled mental illness and was one of the more ponderous episodes of the series.

Where did the Doctor's wife spend the last of her days?

The Doctor managed to upload her to the mainframe so that she could take care of three children after her death. This episode marked the first time the Doctor met River.

Which Doctor had the chance to visit old friends before his regeneration?

Tennant's Doctor had the rare opportunity to say his goodbyes over the course of several episodes. Most of his incarnations had much more sudden fates.

Which companion was split into countless versions of herself by the time winds?

The eleventh Doctor met several of her copies and nicknamed her the "impossible" girl. He discovered her on Earth, where she worked as a nanny.

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