Quiz: The Dog Owner Quiz
The Dog Owner Quiz
By: John Miller
Image: Tara Moore/DigitalVision/Getty Images

About This Quiz

There is no experience quite like the enthusiastic greeting of a dog who knows and loves you — the wagging tail, the drool-soaked kisses, and happy whimpers are unconditional and unending. But dogs, like human children, also involve a lot of responsibility and dedication, otherwise, their behavior suffers, and their quality of life does, too. In some cases, poorly informed dog ownership can cause misery for both the people and the pups. But with proper love and training, the dog-human bond can be one of life’s most rewarding relationships. In this howling-good quiz, what do you really know about the basics of dog ownership?

Dogs are not cats. Dogs are not gerbils. Dogs are canines, with DNA that’s closely related to wolves. They have many of the same restless instincts — and thus, require proper training in order to peacefully coexist with families and other pets. What do you recall about the basic needs and behaviors of dogs?

Because dogs are pack animals, humans must treat them as such. That means firmly guiding the pups through life with intelligent and kind obedience training. What’s more, dogs need certain preventative care, otherwise, they can become sick, or worse.

Dig into this wild-eyed puppy quiz now! Let’s see if you’re a good dog owner or if you should maybe stick to goldfish.

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