Quiz: The Farmer Lingo Quiz
The Farmer Lingo Quiz
By: John Miller
Image: Photo by Benji Mellish from Pexels

About This Quiz

Howdy folks, it’s time for us to knock ‘round this special farming lingo quiz. After you’ve finished clearing the watercourses and cut brush from the terraces, we’ll get on up to that one-horse town and see what’s crackin’. Can you cut through the weeds of this farming slang quiz?

If you’re a farmer, you know you’re “in for it.” The farming life is by no means for everyone. It requires dedication, hard work and a combination of natural instincts paired with business sense. Many small farmers simply can’t hack it, and retreat to city life. Others stick it out “in the sticks” and learn to pull crops with the best of them come harvest time. Can you recall some of the more obscure terms and phrases from farm life?

Those spent hens and dry cows are giving you fits. What will you do with them, especially when you’re already struggling with a hailed out back 40? That Jimmy-rigged combine is only going to last so long, and then how will you pay back the bank?

Are you a true farmer or just a boot-lickin’ wannabe? Time to cut beans and make hay with this farm lingo quiz!

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