Quiz: The Farmer Lingo Quiz
The Farmer Lingo Quiz
By: John Miller
Image: Photo by Benji Mellish from Pexels

About This Quiz

Howdy folks, it’s time for us to knock ‘round this special farming lingo quiz. After you’ve finished clearing the watercourses and cut brush from the terraces, we’ll get on up to that one-horse town and see what’s crackin’. Can you cut through the weeds of this farming slang quiz?

If you’re a farmer, you know you’re “in for it.” The farming life is by no means for everyone. It requires dedication, hard work and a combination of natural instincts paired with business sense. Many small farmers simply can’t hack it, and retreat to city life. Others stick it out “in the sticks” and learn to pull crops with the best of them come harvest time. Can you recall some of the more obscure terms and phrases from farm life?

Those spent hens and dry cows are giving you fits. What will you do with them, especially when you’re already struggling with a hailed out back 40? That Jimmy-rigged combine is only going to last so long, and then how will you pay back the bank?

Are you a true farmer or just a boot-lickin’ wannabe? Time to cut beans and make hay with this farm lingo quiz!

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Country folks know this one well. If a farmer says he will "be a minute or two," what's he really saying?
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If someone tells you something is "catty corner," what do they mean?
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If you're going "make hay while the sun shines," what are you going to do?
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There's work to be done. What's happening if you're "lollygagging"?
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Forget the ER! Which phrase indicates a farmer got injured on the job?
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What does it mean if something is "thick as ticks on a dog's back"?
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You're going to have to Jimmy-rig that tractor. What's that mean?
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If a farmer is going "just down the road," how far is she going?
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If a dairy farmer is "putting on her wedding clothes," what's she doing?
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Everyone needs them for the working life of the farm. What'll you do with those "clod hoppers"?
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You've gotta get out there and round up the heifers. What are you going to do?
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If you went to the honky tonk and "got someone's goat," what did you do?
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If a farming is working on "A.I." today, what's she doing?
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If you catch dairy farmers waxing poetic about "ladies," to what are they referring?
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If something is "tore up," what do you mean, exactly?
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Don't check the expiration date. What's a "fresh cow"?
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If a farmer puts an animal "out to pasture," what does that mean, exactly?
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Keep your distance. Farmer John is ready to the talk the hind leg off a donkey. What's that mean?
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It's a ton of work no matter how you look at it. What are you going to do in the "parlor?
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"By hook or by crook, I'm gonna get this combine fixed." What does that mean?
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If you make a statement and your friend says, "in a pig's eye," what does he really mean?
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On the farm, what are you going "to get up with"?
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Which of the following best describes something done on "a lick and a promise"?
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It's something small, like your hometown in Iowa. How many horses is it?
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It's a fact of farming. What's an "open" cow?
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It's a sloppy phrase. What's it mean if you're happy as a pig in mud?
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If a man goes out and "buys the farm," what did he do?
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Where are you going to find the "back 40"?
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If an old farmer tells you to "keep it dry," you should probably do what?
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It's not a leather belt. In dairy farming, what's a "strapper"?
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You may hear this one commonly in the South. What's "how do" mean?
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It's a Friday night in summertime. You're going "hogging" at the creek. What's that mean?
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If a farmer gets "gussied up," which of the following destinations might she have in mind?
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If you have to wait "until the cows come home," what does that mean?
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