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What's the name of Chip and Joanna's original store?

In 2003, Chip and Joanna opened Magnolia Market. Since then, the store has been closed, reopened, and then moved to its new location at the Silos. This is what the couple was doing before the TV show even existed.

Is it true that most of the people on the show already own the home that gets fixed up?

It's true! If you've ever looked at the application to be on "Fixer Upper," it says you must own or be in the process of purchasing a home within 40 miles of Waco, Texas. The whole going around looking for homes thing seems to be just for show.

How many kids do Chip and Joanna have?

The couple now has five children after the surprise pregnancy recently. Duke, Drake, Emma Kay, Ella and Crew are all part of the "Fixer Upper" family. Crew is the most recent addition to the family, rounding them out as a family of seven.

When Joanna stages a house on the show, do the new owners get to keep the furniture and furnishings?

They can purchase all of it if they want to, but the furniture and furnishings are not included in the home. It all actually comes from Magnolia Market and is only used for the staging of the finished product.

Where did Chip and Joanna go to college?

While they both went to Baylor, they didn't meet there! It wasn't until after both of them had graduated that the two met. It wasn't love at first sight, either, at least not for Joanna. But, all's well that ends well!

Are homeowners who have had houses fixed up on the show allowed to use them as rental properties?

There's much debate over whether there is a clause in the contract stating that the homes can't be used as rental properties. It was common knowledge for a while that Chip and Joanna didn't like that people were renting out the homes, but it's mostly all speculation.

What's the one original design element that Joanna hopes exists in all of the homes?

It's no secret that Joanna loves shiplap. If it's already in the home, she will try and make it a focal point of a room. It not only saves them money, but it also helps keep the home unique and a true part of Waco.

Which of the below is Chip's favorite part of the whole "Fixer Upper" process?

If you've ever looked at "Fixer Upper" merchandise, you will know that there are shirts and hats with the term Demo Day on them. It's Chip's favorite day, as he gets to smash things and rip things apart,

Who primarily makes the phone calls whenever there's an issue or they need more money?

Chip always tries to get out of having to make serious phone calls asking for money or informing the homeowner of an issue. He thinks Joanna is just better at explaining it, while he would get caught up in the technicalities.

If there is leftover money in the budget after Joanna chooses a renovation plan, what does she do with it?

While revealing her design plan, if there's money left over, she will come up with a few ways the money can be used in the home. It can be a new driveway or built-in cabinets, anything really.

Which woodworker does Joanna use primarily for things like tables and chairs?

Clint has been featured on the show many times to build Joanna the custom tables of her dreams. He was even on the show as a homeowner, as the couple renovated a home for Clint and his wife.

Which part of the renovation process does Joanna like to do all by herself?

After the construction is done and the last of the flooring has been laid, Joanna likes to get in the house all by herself to put all of the finishing touches in place. She says it's because it's her time to relax and just get a better feel for the home and pick out the best decor items.

How many seasons did "Fixer Upper" have before the show ended?

"Fixer Upper" ended after five seasons, much to the dismay of many loyal viewers. There was a spinoff that featured behind the scenes looks at how Joanna came up with design schemes, but that's not nearly as popular as the original show.

When did the first episode of "Fixer Upper" air on HGTV?

On May 23, 2013, the first episode of "Fixer Upper" aired on HGTV. Their shtick was taking the worst house in the best neighborhood and turning into the stuff of dreams. It was almost an instant hit for the channel and the couple.

Is the reveal at the end the actual first time the homeowners see the finished home?

The homeowners are under very strict orders to stay away from the home until the renovation is complete. Viewers want genuine reactions when they see the home for the first time, so the reveal is the actual very first time they see the completed home.

Do the homes have to be right in Waco?

The home that a guest on the show owns or is looking to own must be within 40 miles of Waco. This might be to preserve the authenticity of the show and design, or because too much travel adds too much complication.

Are homeowners allowed to keep the huge photo of the old home that's used to hide the renovated home before the reveal?

People who have been on the show say the big picture is as cool as you think it would be, and it is usually offered to the homeowner if they want to keep it! Where would you store a photo like that?

What is Joanna's college degree in?

Joanna always knew she wanted to be on television, but she never imagined it would be on a reality show. She did commercials for her dad's tire business and studied to be more of a news anchor than design show host.

Did they nail their HGTV audition to have their own show?

When HGTV contacted them after finding Joanna's blog about their projects, the couple was invited to audition. It didn't go so well at first, but when the cameras went off and the crew got to see Chip and Joanna in the natural habitat, they won everyone over.

What is the minimum required starting renovation budget to be on the show?

All budgets must be agreed upon before filming, and the participants on the show must have at least $30,000 to put towards renovations. Analysis of the show has discovered that the renovation usually goes over budget, but what renovation doesn't?

If Clint makes a custom piece for the home, do the participants of the show get to keep it?

Even though they don't automatically get to keep the furniture the home is staged with, they do get to keep any custom pieces that Clint Harp makes for the project. Since it's made specifically for the homeowners, it would be silly not to let them keep it.

If the homeowners don't like something but it works perfectly fine, can it be changed?

There was a specific instance where the homeowner didn't like the roof that was on the house, and even though there was nothing wrong with it, Joanna offered to replace the roof at half price.

Is the show scripted?

Everything you see from the conversations to the interviews is real and unscripted. However, producers will have people repeat things if the shot isn't right. One participant said it was hard to always remember what she said when she was asked to repeat it.

Does Joanna use Pinterest boards to find out what their clients want?

Joanna asks each of their clients to create a Pinterest board with everything they can think of that they like. She then uses that to gain insight and inspiration into the style of the homeowner. According to past participants, she really does stick to what they like.

Where did Joanna get her interior design background?

Joanna has no actual design experience, other than being a natural at it. Her first foray into it was opening Magnolia Market and getting an eye for what would look good in a home and the kinds of items people want and like.

How many televisions do the couple have in their own home?

They have zero, yes, zero televisions! They've always prided themselves on giving their kids the most normal and humble upbringing they possibly can. They don't watch themselves, or anyone else, on TV.

Have Chip and Joanna ever watched their own show?

Despite not having a single TV in their home, they do have little watch parties at their friend's houses. Chip has been known to watch an episode and reminisce about how funny he is.

Is their farmhouse one of their own renovation projects?

Not only is it one of their projects, it's the ninth home they've lived in and renovated together. It was built in 1895, but you would never guess that given how good it looks. They did try to keep design elements of the original home.

When did the final episode of "Fixer Upper" air?

It was a bittersweet day for "Fixer Upper" fans, but on April 3, 2018, the show came to an end after five seasons. You can still catch repeats of the episodes on HGTV frequently, and Joanna did a spin off about the behind-the-scenes detail of her design decisions.

In what store can you buy Magnolia products?

Chip and Joanna, but mostly Joanna, partnered with Target to create a line of home decor and accessories. It's been a huge hit, and now fans of the show can have Magnolia items of their own in their home.

How much input do the homeowners have in the design?

Homeowners who have been interviewed have said they are in constant contact with either Joanna or the design team to give input on design or to approve ideas. While they don't speak directly with Chip or Joanna a lot, the homeowners do have a lot of control over the design.

When did Chip first see Joanna for the first time?

Even though they went to the same college, they weren't there at the same time. Chip didn't see Joanna until he went into her father's shop to get his car worked on. He saw her picture and said it was love at first sight.

Did the couple open Magnolia together?

Magnolia Market was Joanna's baby, but it wasn't long before Chip got involved and opened a construction part of the business. There is now Magnolia Realty and Magnolia Homes, which produce many aspects of their businesses.

Can the homeowners make special requests to specific things they want in the house?

In season one, one of the couples had found some cool windows that they wanted to be incorporated into the home. Joanna was happy to oblige and she was able to put the windows to good use without having to dip into her own collection.

Where did the Magnolia name come from for their business enterprise?

In an episode of the show, Chip can be heard telling their kids that on one of their first dates, he climbed a magnolia tree and pulled off one of the blooms and gave it to Joanna. It's been a theme in their lives ever since.

When did Chip flip his first house?

Chips first flip was in college, and Joanna's dad actually wasn't too pleased that he chose that route for his career. But Joanna jumped on board and was hooked on the house flipping business almost immediately.

Do Chip and Joanna have animals on their own farm?

The Gaines family lives on a huge farm full of animals like chickens, goats and horses. They also have dogs that are specifically bred to be around goats. Joanna also has a number of vegetable and herb gardens on the property.

Who do they trust to create custom metal accents for the renovated homes?

Jimmy Don of JDH Iron Designs has been featured in the show creating one-of-a-kind metal cutout pieces for homeowners. He works with Joanna on the design, much as she does with Clint, to create the perfect final product, which the homeowners get to keep.

What's the name of the flea market Chip, Joanna and the kids go to occasionally to get antiques and things for their store and staging?

On the show, the family can be seen taking their truck and trailer to Round Top to shop at the Round Top Antiques market. Joanna finds unique items to sell in her shop or to use in the homes renovated on "Fixer Upper."

Do Chip and Joanna fix up every room of the house?

Depending on the size of the budget determines how many rooms get fixed up. A lot of times, they do the ones that get featured on TV and then finish the rest of the house with a different budget from the show.

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