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Who is the celebrity that narrated and produced the film?

Yep, Leo from "Titanic," who endured the greatest boat flood in all of film history, is at the helm of this climate change documentary. He does all the interviews and narrates as well.

What was the painting that hung over Leonardo's crib as a child?

The famous three-part painting by Hieronymus Bosch showed Leo as a kid how society went from paradise to peril. The painting begins with the Garden of Eden, moves to the Seven Deadly Sins, and finally, shows human destruction.

What famous TV channel was the distributor for the documentary?

The film was distributed by National Geographic. It has the same kind of high-definition, nature-in-the-raw perspective that other NatGeo programs have.

What distinguished title was Leo given?

This distinguished title was given to Leo due to all his work on the issue of climate change for over a decade. The documentary shows Leo traveling to various​ different countries, spreading the word.

What does Leo say the issue of climate change makes people do?

In the documentary, Leo remarks about how the issue of climate change makes people "tune out." Indeed, it's a topic that a lot of people want to simply ignore.

What movie was Leo filming during the documentary?

There is footage in the documentary of Leo in action while filming "The Revenant." It was ironic that the movie needed to change locations, from Canada to Argentina, due to the lack of snow.

Where does Leo talk about growing up?

Leo grew up in Los Angeles, where his father was a comic distributor and knew a bunch of artists and intellectuals.

What museum does Leo state he was fascinated by as a kid?

Leo says that he loved seeing all the rare and extinct animals, and it gave him a great enthusiasm for the natural world.

Which of these is NOT a fossil fuel?

Coal, oil and natural gas are all fossil fuels, whereas dried cow dung is an energy alternative, used as fuel for cooking in India.

Which of these is NOT a method of obtaining fossil fuels?

Windmills are one of the most sustainable ways of creating energy, and they're used to great success in countries like China, which is one of the top wind users.

When did Leo first hear about global warming?

It was in the early 2000s that Leo first heard of the concept, and it seemed strange at first. But he quickly became a voice for change.

Who was the politician that taught Leo about global warming?

Al Gore sat down with Leo when he first became interested in the environment and taught him about climate change. Gore was one of the first politicians to speak out and teach others.

What is the emitted substance that leads to climate change?

Carbon dioxide is released when we burn fossil fuels, and this substance leads to climate change and global warming.

According to the documentary, which of these statements is true?

The warming of the planet leads to the warming of the Arctic, which, according to an expert featured in the documentary, acts as the Northern Hemisphere's air conditioner.

Which American presidents did Leo interview in the documentary?

The documentary highlights interviews with both former presidents, who were very keen to discuss climate change with Leo.

What sort of scientist studies global warming?

A climatologist studies climate change. Leo interviews a number of them in the documentary.

What is the distinct characteristic of water flowing over ice?

You'll notice when watching the documentary that water rushing over ice in streams is vibrantly blue, and a Canadian​ fisherman remarks upon it.

In which U.S. state does the documentary note that climate change is the most evident?

Florida is regarded as the state that shows the most drastic signs of climate change. Leo even interviews Floridian politicians regarding the matter.

Which Florida senator doesn't believe in climate change, according to the documentary?

Senator Marco Rubio is highlighted as a strong skeptic of climate change in Florida. He doesn't believe that it exists at all.

Which of these corporate entities does NOT have interests in fossil fuels?

Tesla is shown in the documentary to be making great strides towards creative sustainable energy, with the creation of Powerwall batteries.

Which corporation has a strong vested interest in denying climate change, according to the documentary?

Koch Industries is highlighted as one of the biggest powerhouses in terms of climate change denial, going as far as to pay off politicians.

The documentary states which of the following?

The documentary firmly states that deniers in Washington, D.C., are being paid heavily by the fossil fuel industry.

Which country is the world's top polluter​?

China is the world's top polluter, but it's also the country embracing renewable energy most quickly.

What country is the second top polluter?

Once the top polluter, the United States is now number two. Hard to believe there could be any country worse than the U.S. in terms of over-consumption​.

What is the best alternative to fossil fuel?

The document highlights how renewable energy is the best alternative to burning fossil fuels for energy. Examples include using sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat.

What percentage of households in India don't have electricity?

30% of households in India have absolutely no electricity. As the country tries to bring electricity to all, they're faced with ethical problems about using renewable sources.

Which of these locations did Leo NOT visit in the film?

Kinshasa is a country in Africa, which Leo did not visit. But he did visit Kiribati, an island in the central Pacific.

What percentage of coral reef is already destroyed?

A whopping 50% of the coral reef of the world is already destroyed, and scientists predict it will eventually be gone forever.

Which is true about the ocean, in terms of global warming?

The ocean sucks up a great deal of the carbon dioxide, and this is why the substance is so destructive to the world's seas.

Which of these statements about the earth's forests is NOT true?

Forest ecosystems are incredibly important for our planet. Because the trees suck in carbon dioxide, this is released when the forests are burned down.

Where are the major rainforests of the planet?

The major rainforests can be found in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Neotropics, otherwise known as Central and South America.

What is one of the main motivations for burning forests?

Tropical forest are burned to make room for palm plantations, and palm oil can be found in countless products from cosmetics to food.

What takes up 70% of agricultural land in the U.S.?

A whopping 70% of the land used for agriculture in the U.S. is to raise food for cows, who then emit a tremendous amount of toxic fumes into the atmosphere.

What toxic fumes do cows emit?

Cows produce methane when they fart. Who would have thought that cow farts could eventually kill us all?

Which revered figure did Leo interview in the film?

Leo had the opportunity to go to the Vatican and interview Pope Francis, who lends a holy voice to the issue of climate change.

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