Quiz: The George Costanza Quiz You Never Knew You Needed
The George Costanza Quiz You Never Knew You Needed
By: Staff Writer

About This Quiz

The outbursts. The mustache. The...wallet! Test your knowledge of this "short, stocky, slow-witted, bald man" and Jerry's best friend, whose best (and worst) qualities were based on Larry David, the co-creator of "Seinfeld."

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What are the first names of George’s parents?
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What was the name of George’s fiancée?
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What holiday did George’s father launch?
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In trying to keep getting unemployment, George says he has interviewed at what company?
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George worked as a ______ model.
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What actor owned George’s car before he purchased it?
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What does George say he does when asked about his profession?
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What character refers to himself in the third person to George and others?
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What was George’s beef with the Soup Nazi?
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What celebrity winds up in the hospital after playing a baseball game?
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What is the name of the library detective?
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Which magazine fills George with an uncontrollable need to pleasure himself?
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What was George’s ATM code?
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What name does George want to give his first child?
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Who was on the cover of the TV Guide that Elaine took from George’s dad?
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Kramer made a statue of George out of:
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What is George’s middle name?
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What was the nickname of the attorney George dated to get a visa for someone?
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What was the last name of George’s gym teacher who continually mispronounced his name?
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When George and Jerry try to interest the Japanese in their idea for a sitcom, they give them what fruit?
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George says there’s a vegetable that you can eat like an apple. What is it?
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Who does Mr. Morgan look like, according to George?
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What is George’s nickname?
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One of George’s girlfriends was incarcerated for committing what crime?
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Among the four principals on the show, who initially won the infamous..."contest"? (It's later revealed that he cheated.)
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Which newspaper does George say is his only reason for getting up in the morning?
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For Elaine’s birthday, how much money did George give her?
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What is the name of Frank Costanza’s cousin?
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Who was responsible for the phrase “yada yada yada”?
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In "The Movie" episode, over which film do Elaine and George disagree ?
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George explains the physics of the home run to which two Yankees?
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