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What was Sophia Petrillo's husband's name?

Sophia was married to Sal Petrillo.

True or false: All four women are divorced or widowed.

Dorothy is divorced, and Rose, Blanche and Sophia are all widowed.

Where is Blanche Devereaux from?

Blanche is a Southern girl from Atlanta.

True or false: Rose Nylund's birth father was a farmer from St. Olaf.

Rose's adoptive father was a farmer, but her biological father, Martin, was part of the St. Olaf Monastery.

What is the retirement home Sophia lived in called?

Sophia lived in Shady Pines before it burned down and she ran away to live with Blanche, Rose and Dorothy.

What did Blanche call her father Curtis?

Blanche called her father Big Daddy.

What is the name of the bar Blanche likes to go to meet men?

Blanche enjoys frequenting The Rusty Anchor, where she often searches for the next love of her life.

What did Rose's adoptive parents want her to be when she grew up?

Rose's parents always dreamed of her winning a gold medal for ice skating.

Blanche has a brother who comes out to her as gay. What is his name?

Although Blanche has a hard time dealing with Clayton being gay, she chooses to be there for him as a sister.

Who do Dorothy and Sophia dress up as for the Shady Pines pageant?

Dorothy and Sophia dress up like Sonny and Cher and kill "I Got You Babe" for the pageant.

What is Sophia's nickname for Dorothy?

Sophia calls Dorothy Pussycat, of course.

True or false: Sophia often claims she had a romance with artist Salvador Dali.

Sophia does tell tall tales, but she never claimed to have a romance with Dali. She said she had a fling with Pablo Picasso.

True or false: The girls go to Los Angeles to be on the game show "Family Feud."

They travel to Los Angeles to play on the fictional game show "Grab That Dough."

What actor plays Lucas Hollingsworth, Blanche's uncle, who marries Dorothy in the series finale?

Leslie Nielsen plays uncle Lucas, who marries Dorothy in the series finale.

What celebrity does Sophia party with after the other three girls are arrested in a prostitution sting?

Sophia ends up meeting Burt Reynolds after Blanche, Rose and Dorothy spend the night in jail.

Who is the flight attendant Stan marries after he and Dorothy divorce?

Stan runs off with and marries Chrissy the flight attendant.

What celebrity does Rose fantasize is her real father?

Rose often fantasizes that Bob Hope is her real father.

What is the name of the neighbor's dog that the girls occasionally dog sit?

Dreyfuss is the neighbor's dog.

Which of the girls has a mild heart attack and requires bypass surgery?

In a two-part series, Rose has a heart attack while looking through her yearbook. While preparing for her triple coronary bypass, she makes the girls promise to have their heads cryogenically preserved when they die.

What dessert do the girls always eat around the kitchen table?

Duh. The girls always share cheesecake when they need to discuss men, politics, money, children … you know, life.

Which one of the girls was the first to have sex on the show?

It was actually Rose. She had sex with Arnie, who was the first man she slept with after the death of her husband, Charlie.

True or false: Sophia always starts her Sicilian stories with the catchphrase "picture it, Sicily …"

This is true. Like Rose's tall tales about St. Olaf, Sophia's stories often end with a moral or some type of advice.

How many awards was "The Golden Girls" nominated for?

During its seven seasons on air, "The Golden Girls" was nominated for 86 different awards and took home 40, including the 1986, 1987 and 1988 Golden Globes for best television series – comedy or musical, as well as the 1986 and 1987 Emmys for outstanding comedy series.

True or false: "The Golden Girls" often featured storylines that involved gay characters, crime, abortion, aging, sexual harassment and AIDS.

It was one of the first shows to confront such hot-button issues, many of which still remain controversial today.

True or false: Each member of the cast of "The Golden Girls" won an Emmy for their performances — a feat only accomplished by two other shows.

Only "All in the Family" and "Will & Grace" share this distinction.

What A-list celebrity did NOT make an appearance on "The Golden Girls"?

George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino both made appearances on the show, but Jennifer Lopez never was a guest.

What two shows are spinoffs of "The Golden Girls"?

"The Golden Palace" and "Empty Nest" are spinoffs of "The Golden Girls."

True or false: Betty White is the only remaining living cast member of "The Golden Girls."

Betty White celebrated her 94th birthday on Jan. 17, 2016.

How many seasons did "The Golden Girls" air on television?

The popular show aired on television for seven seasons.

Finish the lyrics: "Thank you for being a friend. Traveled down the road and back again."

"Your heart is true; you're a pal and a confidant. But you already knew that."

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