Quiz: The Great Yellowstone National Park Quiz
The Great Yellowstone National Park Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
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It is the most famous national park on planet Earth. How much do you know about America's renowned Yellowstone National Park?

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In what year did the first truly organized expedition explore the park's wonders?
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The park's boundaries do NOT extend into which U.S. state?
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Yellowstone was the world's very first national park.
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The park is about how many square miles?
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Many of the park's unique features were created by what type of event?
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Yellowstone could erupt as a huge super volcano at any moment, causing tremendous damage throughout the region.
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About how many different species of mammals are there within the park?
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In 2015, about how many people visited Yellowstone National Park?
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In 1995, biologists reintroduced which animal to the park?
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In what year did a magnitude-7.5 earthquake strike the area, killing nearly 30 people?
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About how many wolves are there in Yellowstone?
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On average, the park experiences about how many earthquakes per year?
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In what year was the park established?
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How many tourists were hurt by park bears in the 1930s?
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In 1988, a huge forest fire raged through the park. How much of the park's forest land did the fire burn?
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During the worst of the 1988 wildfire, how many firefighters were in the area trying to keep the conflagration under control?
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Who created a painting titled "The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone"?
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Which of the following large animals is most numerous in Yellowstone?
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Within Yellowstone's boundaries, what's the No. 1 killer of gray wolves?
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How many active geyers are there within the park?
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The Old Faithful geyer erupts about how often?
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What creates the oddly bizarre colors found in many of the park's hot springs?
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How many established campgrounds are there in Yellowstone?
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After the park was established, tourists were captured and killed by Native Americans within the park boundaries.
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How deep is the deepest point of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone?
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Within the park's boundaries, how many people have been killed by bears?
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About how many people have died due to the park's geothermal hot springs and geysers?
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Which month of the year is the busiest in terms of tourism?
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Park authorities allow all wildfires within the boundaries to burn themselves out naturally.
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If a tourist sleeps in one of the park's developed campgrounds, what are the odds of him or her being attacked by a bear?
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