Quiz: How Will You Do on This Tough, Irritating Geography Quiz?
How Will You Do on This Tough, Irritating Geography Quiz?
By: John Miller
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About This Quiz

The Earth is a massive and wondrous place, full of wondrous landscapes, seemingly bottomless oceans and countless diverse ecosystems. And as such, its geography continually blows the minds of even experienced scientists. What do you really know about the geography of our home world?

You already knew that Australia is a really large place. But did you know that its land mass is actually wider than the moon? And did you know that the Dead Sea is more than 1,400 feet below sea level?

Our mountain ranges boggle the mind, too. Can you name the tallest peaks in North and South America? And did you know that those neck-tweaking peaks are actually pint-size compared to the monstrous cliffs in Asia?

You learned in grade school that water covers more than 70% of the planet’s surface. Do you know the names of the largest oceans and lakes? And do you really know where the biggest reserves of saltwater and fresh water rest?

In our amazing geography quiz, we’ll zoom from the bottom of the oceans to the top of Mount Everest and back again. Take our strange and difficult geography test now!

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By area, what's the largest country on Earth?
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Where would you find a big volcano called Mauna Loa?
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Which country has the most coastline?
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Most of Earth's population lives in which hemisphere?
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Where is most of the fresh water on Earth?
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Which of Earth's oceans is the smallest?
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Where is the Nile located?
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Which major world city is the only one to span two continents?
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Where would you find a famous feature named the San Andreas Fault?
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Which continent is the only one to span all four hemispheres?
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Greenland is the biggest ____ on Earth.
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How many individual U.S. states are bigger than the entire United Kingdom?
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Which country is the largest in the western hemisphere?
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At their closest point, how far apart are the United States and Russia?
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Some geographers say that there are only six continents instead of seven, because they prefer to combine ______.
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Which continent is the most populous?
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Which of the following areas is the largest in terms of land mass?
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Which two countries share the longest border on Earth?
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True or false, does Russia's Lake Baikal hold more water than all of the Great Lakes combined?
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In terms of land area, which South American country is largest?
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Where in the world would you find a famous mountain named Denali?
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True or false, is Reno, Nevada actually farther west than Los Angeles, California?
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Mount Elbrus is the highest peak in _____.
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Africa is the world's _____ continent.
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What's the smallest country in the world?
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The Baltic Sea is part of which ocean?
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True or false, is the Sahara Desert bigger than the United States?
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Which U.S. state is BOTH the westernmost and easternmost state in the country?
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Mongolia rests between which two nations?
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