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"Beam me up, Scotty!" You might be the biggest Star Trek fan in the world, but what about in the universe or galaxy? With quite a few starships traveling through outer space, there's tons of captains, episodes and adventures to remember. Think you can remember all of them?

Star Trek is a phenomenon that began in the 1960s. While the world was still in the midst of the Vietnam War, NBC premiered the very first episode on September 8, 1966. Starring William Shatner as the unforgettable Captain James T. Kirk, the series would become a phenomenon. 

Although Star Trek: The Original Series only lasted three years, its impact would go on to last a lifetime. Since the show's finale in 1969, the Star Trek franchise would go on to add six different TV series and 9 films. From captains like Kirk and Picard to Commanders like Spock and Riker, could you pass this hard quiz? While Kirk was floating around in the starship U.S.S. Enterprise, which Star Trek crew made their home on a space station? The Motion Picture was the first ever Star Trek film, but what was the last of The Original Series films? Before you make plans to "live long and prosper," let's find out if you can pass the hardest Star Trek quiz you'll take today!

Captain Sisko had a love for which sport?

Sisko is a commander turned captain in Deep Space Nine. He has a love for baseball and keeps a baseball on his desk because the sport is no longer played.


What is the phrase that Borg often say?

Borg are an alien group that first appear in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Wanting to achieve a world of perfection, they often tell others that their "resistance is futile."


What is the name of Captain Picard's Borg?

In the series, we see Captain Picard assimilated into a Borg who goes by the name of Locutus. Eventually, he is reverted back to a human but the experience haunts him afterward.


When Kevin Riley was under the PSI 2000 virus, what Elvis song did he repeatedly sing?

Kevin Riley was a character who appeared in two Star Trek: The Original Series episodes. After catching a virus, he would repeatedly sing "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen."


Christine Chapel originally joined the Enterprise because she was looking for whom?

Christine Chapel is a nurse in Star Trek: The Original Series. She originally joins the crew because she's looking for her fiance.


In the new reboot films, who stars as Captain Kirk?

Chris Pine joined the 2009 reboot Star Trek films as Captain James T. Kirk.


Who starred as the captain in the pilot of Star Trek: The Original Series?

Jeffrey Hunter starred in the Star Trek pilot as Captain Christopher Pike. The pilot was eventually rejected and another was filmed in its place.


Which Star Trek series was the first to center around a woman captain?

Star Trek: Voyager aired from 1995-2001. It starred Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway, the captain of the USS Voyager. However, Star Trek: The Next Generation was the first to show a female Starfleet captain on screen.


What was the name of the first pilot episode of "Star Trek?"

"The Cage" was the first of two pilot episodes that was shot for "Star Trek." The pilot was rejected before a new one was filmed.


In Star Trek IV, the Enterprise crew brought two things back to the future. What were they?

In Star Trek IV, the crew brings two whales too the future. They were named George and Gracie.


In Star Trek VI, what is the name of the Klingon moon that spontaneously explodes?

In the last film in the Original Series films, Praxis is a Klingon moon that explodes at the beginning of the movie.


In the latest Star Trek series, Discovery, the Federation is at war with what species?

The Klingons are one of the most popular species that appear in the Star Trek franchise, Worf probably being the most-known character within the race.


Shalaft's Syndrome was a condition that affects one's ability with what?

Shalaft's Syndrome was a condition in Star Trek where the person would have an extreme sensitivity to sound.


Who was Kirk trying to defeat when he fell to his death?

In the 1994 film "Star Trek Generations," we see Kirk and Picard face off against Dr. Soran. The battle ultimately leads to Kirk's death after he falls with a collapsing bridge and is mortally wounded.


What kind of species is Spock?

Spock is the commander of the USS Enterprise and he is half-human, half-vulcan.


True or False: There was an animated Star Trek series.

In 1973, Star Trek: The Animated Series premiered on TV. The series was short-lived, with only 2 seasons and 22 episodes.


What was the name of the last "The Next Generation" film?

Star Trek: The Next Generation had its own group of four films. It began with "Generations" and ended with "Nemesis."


Which quadrant did Captain Janeway successfully cross?

Kathryn Janeway was the captain of the USS Voyager and is credited with being the first captain to completely go through the Delta Quadrant.


Which actor played Jean Luc Picard?

Patrick Stewart starred as Captain Jean Luc Picard. He first appeared in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" before appearing in the franchise films.


When Spock was betrothed to T'Pring, who did she ask him to fight to the death for her?

Spock was telepathically betrothed to T'Pring. Their engagement ended after she wanted him to fight Captain Kirk to the death.


In Star Trek: Enterprise, what species is Captain Archer prejudiced against?

Star Trek: Enterprise acts as the prequel to Star Trek: The Original Series. Captain Jonathan Archer is played by Scott Bakula and the character openly dislikes the Vulcan species.


In Star Trek: Enterprise, what is Charles Tucker III's nickname?

Charles Tucker III is the captain in Star Trek: Enterprise. He got his nickname, "Trip," because his father and grandfather share the name. It is a shortened version of the word, triplicate.


Which of the following captains had Shalaft's Syndrome?

Shalaft's Syndrome is a condition that appears in Star Trek: The Next Generation. It is revealed that Picard has the condition where he has an extreme sensitivity to sound.


Earth was located in which quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy?

In Star Trek, you'll find that most of their journeys take place in the Milky Way galaxy. In the series franchise, Earth is in the alpha quadrant.


Who was known for serving tranya to their guests?

Balok was a humanoid that appears in Star Trek: The Original Series. The species was small and resembled that of a child. Balok liked to serve tranya to his guests.


What is the name of the most recent Star Trek film as of 2018?

"Beyond" is the most recent Star Trek film that was released in 2016. The film stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.


Quark is a character who appears in which Star Trek series?

Deep Space Nine is the Star Trek series that aired from 1993-1999. Quark was a character who lived on board the space station as a bar owner.


Which captain had a son named Jake?

Benjamin Sisko is a commander turned captain in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. With his wife, Jennifer, he had a son named Jake.


Vulcan hemoglobin is based on what?

This mostly comes up in the series because of Spock who is half-human, half-Vulcan. While humans have iron-based blood and hemoglobin, Vulcans are copper-based.


Star Trek: The Original Series had two pilots shot for it. Who was the only character from the first pilot to appear in the series?

Star Trek had two pilots that were initially shot for the show. The first one was rejected and the only character to be brought from the pilot was Spock, played by Leonard Nimoy.


Was Spock's mother or father a Vulcan?

Spock is half-human, half-Vulcan. While his mother was a human named Amanda, his father was a Vulcan named Sarek.


What is the acronym you'll often find on pipes and ducts in the starships?

GNDN is an acronym you'll often seen in the Star Trek franchise. It means "goes nowhere does nothing."


Which of the following characters is not a Ferengi?

Gowron is not a Ferengi. Ferengi are characterized by their oversized ears and great sense of hearing. Characters like Gowron and Worf are Klingon.


What kind of creature is Worf?

Worf is a Klingon that first appears in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Played by Michael Dorn, Worf has appeared in more episodes than any other Star Trek character.


What state is Captain Kirk from?

Captain Kirk reveals in the 4th Star Trek film that he is originally from Iowa.


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