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Up until recently, the most important tool you could use to keep your household afloat was to sharpen your pencils and expand your mind by taking a home economics course in school.   Developed in the mid 19th century, a home ec (also known as Domestic Sciences) curriculum got its shot in the arm thanks to the Morrill Act of 1862. This act created land-grant colleges, colleges that were created on government allotted land to help educate Americans with an average income on agriculture and the mechanical arts. One of the main goals for these colleges was not only to educate farmers on various new agricultural innovations, but it also served to help teach farmwives how to manage their households more efficiently. In 1995, home economics got a name change: many institutions now call their home economics classes Family and Consumer Science.    The reason behind the change is simple: in time, the typical caretaker of a household will no longer stay in the home.  

While many consider cooking, nutrition, and hygiene the main topics of discussion for home economics, not many realize that child development and finance are also covered in a typical home ec course.

So let's tie those apron strings, fire up the oven, and see if we can see how well you can score on this home ec quiz!

Of the cookware items listed below, what kind of pot would be ideal for boiling pasta?

In addition to a large saucepan, you could also purchase a pasta cooker pan, which is specifically designed for cooking foods that need to be boiled. A pasta cooker pan will either have a lid with a strainer on it to help remove the water without losing pasta or an insert so you can just pull out the pasta.


What kind of skillet is traditionally used for Asian cooking?

Looking for a quicker way to make an egg omelette? Try using a wok: the metal is thinner and causes it to heat up quicker than a skillet.


What kind of fruit is a good source of potassium?

If you work out, one of the best things to eat to help your muscles to recover is a banana, which is a fruit loaded with potassium. On top of this, eating a banana is considered two servings of fruit in a daily diet.


What vitamin do you obtain by exposing yourself to the sun?

Many people in the United States suffer from Vitamin D deficiency, especially during the winter months, because the sun is usually blocked by clouds. Luckily, there are over the counter vitamins, milk fortified with vitamin D, and even light therapy boxes that replicate the sun's light to help those in need of vitamin D.


What type of yarn has hollow fibers?

In addition to clothing, alpaca wool's unique composition can lend itself to other parts of the household. If you toss a couple of balls of alpaca wool into your dryer, it promotes drying: not only does the gentle beating of the garments release moisture, but the wool absorbs it, making the drying time less. Because it's a hollow fiber, it dries relatively quickly.


Typically, what is the most distinguishing trait of an upholstery needle?

In order to stitch the upholstery on a piece of furniture back together, the typical upholstery needle will be curved to help create solid stitches because the fabric is usually still on the piece of furniture.


In needlepoint, what kind of stitch will create an 'x' on the fabric?

While many consider needlepoint and cross stitch to be the same thing, there are a couple of differences between the two. Instead of using linen or cotton, like cross stitch usually does, needlepoint uses a canvas.


Typically, how long is the human gestation period?

When it comes to pregnancy, oppossoms get off pretty light: one of their pregnancies lasts 12 or 13 days. On the other side of the coin, an elephant has the longest gestation period: a typical elephant will carry her calf for almost two years!


With the use of an ultrasound, when is the earliest that a doctor can distinguish a baby's gender?

In addition to the ultrasound, one of the newer methods of gender identification is through the use of a blood test. Cell-free DNA tests can test the baby's shed cells from the mother's bloodstream. This can reveal the gender in as early as seven weeks.


What is the name of the item that seamstresses ​use to protect their fingers from pinpricks?

Because people have different hand sizes, thimbles come in an array of different sizes. Thimble manufacturers recommend that seamstresses keep two different sized thimbles to accommodate fingers during seasonal changes.


Which vitamin helps the body's immune system to work properly?

If you're starting to feel a bit run down, take a drink of orange juice. Oranges and other citrus fruits are full of vitamin C.


What dish has a chicken stuffed into a duck that is stuffed into a turkey?

When it comes to making a turducken, you may not realize how much time you're going to need. First you need to debone all three birds, set the meat in a brine overnight, then assemble the meat. This, coupled with a four-hour cooking time, can make it an all-day event.


What is the main ingredient in a good meringue?

In order to get a stellar meringue to top your pies, you should be sure to add some cream of tartar to help the foam stabilize and some sugar to sweeten it. When baking, only the tops of the meringue's ridges should be browned.


What is a debit?

Be careful when watching your debits. If you expend too much, you'll end up overdrawn and getting hit with penalty fees!


What is a credit?

Depending on where you work, there is one day for which everyone should be grateful: pay day! Whenever you get paid from an employer or other source, that money will show up as a credit in your account.


What is a transaction history?

Whenever you are dealing with a dispute, it is always useful to have your transaction history available. When you do that, both you and the company with which you're negotiating will be on the same page.


What is the multivitamin that pregnant women take to help keep mom and baby healthy?

A good prenatal vitamin will have folic acid, which helps prevent neural tube defects, iron, which helps carry oxygen to the bloodstreams, and calcium, which helps the mother maintain her bone density as the baby grows.


If medication or a doctor are unavailable, how would you go about breaking a fever?

When it comes to taking a cooler shower when you are ill, aside from washing off the sweat and grime associated with your sickness, the cool water's evaporation helps cool the skin, which, in turn, could help lower your temperature.


Why shouldn't you use the same chopping board for chicken and other ingredients?

In addition to handling chicken, your hands should be washed after cooking with eggs as well as handling pet reptiles and birds. Why? Salmonella is also associated with these animals.


What is the name of the skill that children develop that helps them realize that things exist when out of sight?

Wonder why peek-a-boo is such a hit with babies? Because if they don't have their object permanence skill, babies won't realize you're hiding behind something, so seeing you reappear is like starting the entire game all over again!


What group of skills are used to write, button a shirt, and use eating utensils?

Skills using the hands and fingers are considered fine motor skills. These skill continue to develop until the child is about eight years of age.


What group of skills are used to jump, kick, and run?

Unlike the fine motor skill set, gross motor skills take six years for a child to develop. Other skills in the gross motor skill set are sprinting, walking on a balance beam, and pedaling a bicycle.


What food preparation method uses beat eggs to help stick breading onto an ingredient?

One way to keep your kitchen clean while dredging your ingredients is to put the dry ingredients in a plastic bag. This way, not only will you not have to worry about extra cleanup, but you also can get a better distribution of breading on your meats or veggies.


What does it mean to dice an ingredient?

In addition to cutting an ingredient into cubes, dicing can also mean to chop it into smaller pieces. Dicing can vary in size, ranging from a small chop to a fine mince.


What does it mean to halve an ingredient?

When it comes to pitted fruits, ingredients are usually halved in order to remove the pits. Avacados, peaches, and cherries are examples of pitted fruits.


What does it mean to mince an ingredient?

When it comes to mincing, the smaller the chop the better. Many times, when an ingredient is minced, it is to be used to accent either the sides or main course of a meal.


What natural food can help soothe a sore throat?

In addition to sore throats, honey has been used in burn wards to help healing. Honey helps sterilize the wound as well as bolster wound repair.


What piece of cookware would you use to melt cheese or chocolate?

When it comes to melting chocolate, if you were to attempt to melt it directly, the texture would be affected. So by using a double boiler, it heats the chocolate by using the steam produced in the bottom chamber.


What kind of tea helps promote sleep?

In addition to helping with sleep, chamomile tea also helps alleviate menstrual cramping as well as reducing inflammation.


What household item can you use to remove gum from a child's hair?

When it comes to removing bubble gum from hair, you should also make sure that the peanut butter you're planning to use is creamy. If you don't have peanut butter in the house, you can get the same result from any vegetable oil.


How often should you clean your toilet bowl?

It encouraged that a deep clean be done on your toilets once a week. However, in the ​case of illness, it may need to be a little more often. If you have extra soda in the house, dumping it into the toilet bowl can help remove water rings.


Which of these foods should you eat to help combat nausea?

When it comes to nausea, saltines will help to combat nausea. The baking soda in the crackers will help to neutralize the excess stomach acids.


When looking to kill a strong odor, which of these common household items should you use to remove the stench?

When it comes to cleaning, one of the most important things you can have in your arsenal is a bottle or two of white vinegar. In addition to its smell, vinegar can kill bacteria, making it a biodegradable cleaner.


What does fabric softener do?

While using a fabric softener with clothing and linens will help the clothing stay soft and eliminate static cling, when it comes to towels and washcloths, they should be dried without it. Why? When fabric softener is used, it coats clothing with a chemical that eliminates the charge that comes from static electricity and with towels, it makes them less absorbent.


When caring for delicates, what item will help keep your underwear from getting tangled?

When it comes to lingerie, you don't want to mess around. By placing the items in a lingerie bag, they still get clean and there's no danger of clasps, hooks, or other parts getting caught on other pieces of clothing in the load.


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