Quiz: Under the Hood: The Car Engine Quiz
Under the Hood: The Car Engine Quiz
By: Maria Trimarchi
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Do you know your alternator from your power steering pump? Would you know where to begin changing your own oil? Not everyone is mechanically inclined, but we're guessing that you know more than you think you know about your car's engine. It's impossible to be a driver without learning a few thing along the way!

Let's take a peek under the hood and find out what you know. We'll examine both the main body of the engine and all the components that attach. Does your expertise end at adding windshield washer fluid, or could you point out exactly where to find the timing chain? Car engines are both efficient and complex machines, with dozens of moving parts working together to power you down the road. Whether your car is diesel or gasoline driven, you should be able to recognize at least some of your engine's make-up!

Rev up your engine and let out on the clutch! As you shift your way through the questions, be sure you choose the answer that is correct to the best of your knowledge! Have no fear! You'll cruise through it without as much as a minor fender-bender! Let's put your knowledge to the test!

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