Quiz: The Jesus Quiz
The Jesus Quiz
By: Tasha Moore
Image: PeteWill/E+/GettyImages

About This Quiz

If you love Jesus facts, then this quiz is perfect for you! This test contains enlightening Christian verities about major events of the faith that Christ built, including the birth of Christ, his many miracles, the Last Supper, Jesus's crucifixion and his ascension. You'll rejoice over what you already know while distilling what you need to learn more about, by the end of this exercise. There is always something new to discover in the Bible, and this quiz filters some of the best biblical nuggets for you to ponder.

Seldom do we hear about how instrumental Jesus's earthly father Joseph was during the time of baby Jesus's birth. Have you ever wondered why the Bible uses certain symbols repeatedly in stories about Christ? Or, why does the gospel of John take a different stylistic approach than the Synoptic Gospels when chronicling the life of Christ? This quiz explores these questions and other themes pertinent to Christian beliefs concerning the importance of Jesus Christ's legacy.

Count this quiz as one more tool in your arsenal of faith. Keep a Bible handy to nail down specifics, though. Some of the questions can get tricky. Compare your results with your Bible study mates. Who among you knows the most about the Son of God? Share with your friends, and find out now!

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