Quiz: THE Lord of the Rings Quiz!
THE Lord of the Rings Quiz!
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You've read the books, you've seen the movies, but how much do you really know about "Lord of the Rings?" In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge about the most important and interesting facts about the movies and novels. By the end, feel free to call yourself Frodo. You'll deserve it.

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How much film was used for the movie?
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When Frodo's sword glows, it glows _____?
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What were the trees in Lothlorien made of?
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Arwen and Aragorn were _____?
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Arwen chooses what kind of life to stay in Middle Earth?
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In the books, Legolas had ____ hair.
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What famous actor turned down the role of Gandalf?
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What was the most difficult role to cast in the movie?
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How did Ian Holm get the role of Bilbo?
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Who turned down the role of Aragorn?
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Who is Shelob?
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Which of these is one of the three elven rings?
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How did Tolkien write the books?
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How many pages combined is "The Lord of the Rings?
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Peter Jackson's ______ appears in the movies?
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What is found on Tolkien's gravestone?
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Who almost made a movie adaptation of "Lord of the Rings?"
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How many wizards are there in Middle Earth?
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What language did Liv Tyler speak in the movie?
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Why did Tolkien write that Aragon falls from the cliff, presumably dead?
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What is the name for the wizards that are part of the race?
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Originally, the movies were going to be ____?
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Who was a backup for Aragorn?
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Who sustained the most injuries while filming?
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How did Sean Bean get to the set?
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Where is there a dorm named after Middle Earth?
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Who did the illustrations for the Danish version of "Lord of the Rings?"
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When did Tolkien sell the film rights to "Lord of the Rings?"
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