Quiz: The Musicians of the 1940s Quiz
The Musicians of the 1940s Quiz
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: William P. Gottlieb via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

The popular music we enjoy today has great roots that we should honor. Without these earlier examples of fine tunes, we would not have many of the finer tunes we enjoy listening to on a daily basis these days. And those earlier tunes were also great works of earlier musicians. Do you think you can pinpoint them out if we give you some clues? Give this a shot and see!

The early decades of the 20th century were very important in the formation of formidable music genres we totally trip on today. Back during the time when R&B was developing as rhythm and blues, jazz was coming into play from specific major areas in the U.S., and rock and roll was slowly being morphed from different musical influences, all other sorts of musicality were falling into place in their respective notches in history. Not only are we talking about songs from great singers, vocal groups, and bands, but we're also talking about legendary composers and musicians who all contributed to the cool happening sounds of the 1940s -- artists who continue to inspire and influence the artists of today.

So, let's see if you can guess who these important musicians are in the list. Put on your musical thinking caps and play on! 

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