Quiz: The Nursing Equipment Quiz
The Nursing Equipment Quiz
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Martin Barraud/OJO Images/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Nurses don't get as much appreciation as they need. These are the people who have to do most of the grunt work, while the doctors are the ones who get all the thanks. Nurses work crazy hours, have to cater to all our needs, sometimes work in horrible conditions and don't get enough pay. These smart individuals also need to know how to use some of the most high-tech equipment on the planet, and that's why we're here today with this quiz. 

In showing how much we love nurses, we want to show you how much smarter they are than the average person, by testing your knowledge about the things they use every day. So we're going to ask you some questions about the medical equipment that all nurses have learned how to use, and it'll be up to you to tell us what that instrument is. 

If you can even answer even half of these questions correctly, you'll have our respect and maybe even that of some nurses. So, if you're willing to try to guess what these things are and do, let's get started on this quiz. 

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