Quiz: The Old Testament Stories Quiz
The Old Testament Stories Quiz
By: Olivia Cantor
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About This Quiz

From creation to destruction to restoration, the Old Testament stories tell it all. Do you think you can identify these major stories and the characters involved?

The Old Testament portion of the Bible is a very interesting and intriguing account of how the world came to be, how humankind developed early on and how "being human" was defined, redefined, challenged and constructed in the many poetic verses of each book's chapters. Personalities developed, ambitions grew higher, devotions got deeper. And the Old Testament stories narrated them all. Think you can pinpoint who's who here, what's what, or which happened where? That's the interesting and exciting content of this quiz!

Of course, this quiz is not merely for the faithful and devoted. It's for everyone who has faith in the good of humanity, and it's definitely for anyone who struggles to fight inner and outer demons, just as these Biblical characters have done in their respective narratives. This is where the timelessness of their stories comes in - as we still learn lessons from their victories and defeats, up to this day and for the days still to come.

So come and celebrate these stories with us, as you take this quiz and rediscover these stories. We have faith that you're up for the challenge. Good luck!

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The “Creation of the World in 6 days" story is perhaps the most well-known story from the Old Testament. In which book can it be found?
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Who are the “main characters” featured in the Genesis creation story?
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What did Adam and Eve do which led to their banishment from God’s garden paradise?
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Who were the first children of Adam and Eve?
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In their own story, what did Cain did to Abel that was so terrible in the eyes of God?
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In the Great Flood story, who was the main character whom God communicated with about the upcoming deluge?
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What did Noah build in order to prepare for the flood?
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Aside from his family, what else did Noah bring inside the ark?
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How many days did it rain on earth nonstop, enough to flood it all?
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Which old man had a son named Isaac?
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In order to prove his love to God, Abraham was willing to do this to his son Isaac.
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Sodom and Gomorrah were two cities that God punished because of the evil things the residents were doing. What destroyed the cities?
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Who did God warn about the Sodom destruction?
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What did God’s angel say to Lot and his family as they were escaping Sodom?
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Unfortunately, while they were escaping, Lot’s wife turned around and looked back at the destruction of Sodom. What happened to her?
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In another sibling rivalry story from genesis, who are the sons of Isaac who had an issue of stealing the other’s birth right and their father’s final blessings?
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Since Jacob cheated his brother Esau from his birth right and blessings, he was also deceived when it came to marrying. What was the name of the woman he wanted to marry?
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How many sons did Jacob have?
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What was the name of Jacob’s favorite son?
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Out of sibling rivalry, Joseph’s brothers sold him to become one of this, in a faraway land.
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Joseph was freed from slavery since he helped interpret these things of the ruling pharaoh.
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Who was the Hebrew baby who was set afloat in the river to escape being killed?
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When Moses grew up and discovered his true Hebrew heritage, God communicated with him once via this method.
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What did God give Moses to spread to his people?
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When Moses was leading his people out of Egyptian slavery, what sea did he part so they could pass by and escape?
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What is the name of the strong man whose source of strength is his long locks of hair?
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What is the name of the woman who tried to coax Samson into telling her the secret of his strength?
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What is the name of the giant that fights with the soldiers called Philistines?
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What is the name of the shepherd boy who defeated Goliath?
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What is the name of the young man who became a wise king?
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The young King Solomon demonstrated his wisdom by making a decision between these two persons.
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What did King Solomon first suggest to solve the problem of the troubled mothers who were fighting over a child, wherein each of them claimed to be the mother of the child?
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When one of the fighting mothers didn’t agree with King Solomon’s decision to cut the child in half, but instead agreed to give the baby to the other claiming mother, what did the wise king do to the mother who refused to have the child cut?
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Daniel’s story is about him being thrown to a pit of these animals when their king found out that Daniel was still praying to God.
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