Quiz: The Olympics, think you can get gold?
The Olympics, think you can get gold?
By: Scott Nordlund
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The all encompassing Olympic quiz

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Where was the first modern Olympics held?
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Where were the first Winter Olympics held?
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What nation has won the most medals in the Summer Olympics?
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What nation has won the most medals in the Winter Olympics?
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Antarctica and what other continent has not hosted an Olympic games?
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What nation in the southern hemisphere has hosted a Winter Olympic game?
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What nation's woman was the last to medal in both the Summer and Winter Olympics?
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What USA athlete holds the record for the number of medals in an Olympic career?
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What countries baron founded the International Olympic Committee?
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What year's Olympics were the first to allow woman?
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In what country was the first country to utilize electronic timing?
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What Olympics were first televised by US TV?
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What Olympics had the most countries attend?
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What kind of animal was the 1976 Montreal games mascot?
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Which famous hockey player helped ignite the cauldron at Vancouver 2010?
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How long is the last event of the summer Olympics (the Marathon)
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The Olympics in Ancient Rome were to honor what god?
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What non-Asian country broke up the monopoly of Asian dominance in field hockey?
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How many Olympics has London held?
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Where was the Olympic motto first used?
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How many sports were in the first Olympic games in Athens?
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How many sports were included in the Rio games in 2016?
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Where did aquatics make its debut?
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What was the last year of both the Winter and Summer Olympics in the same year?
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Where did the Olympic flag make its debut?
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The triathlon has running, biking and what other event?
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What event is called the ultimate test?
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What sport made its reintroduction in 2016?
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What city will become the first to host a Winter and Summer games in 2022?
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What year did cricket make its only entry into the games?
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What colour is the background of the Olympic flag?
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Which sport includes takedowns, escapes, and reversals?
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In what year did basketball debut as a medal event at the Olympics with professionals?
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Mascots have become an accepted symbol for the Olympic Games, with each host country for both Summer and Winter Games coming up with their own. In what year and Games was the Olympic mascot officially recognized?
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