The Royals Are Hiring: Which Open Role Is Right for You?

Zoe Samuel

Would you like to travel a lot for work?

How much do you like to work with your hands?

What do you want to wear for work?

Would you like to be in regular direct contact with the royals?

Which working environment suits you best?

Which royal palace would you like to work in most?

What accommodation do you hope comes with the job?

Would you call yourself a policy expert?

Why do you want to work for the Royal Family?

Have you ever served in the military or police?

Would you self-describe as a patriot?

What do you consider to be the point of the monarchy?

Which royal do you like the best?

Where would you hope to work after the Palace?

How easily can you bite your tongue in public?

Do you mind very substantial public feedback?

How do you feel about all the pomp and ceremony that surrounds the royals?

How academic are you?

How important is a regular schedule to you?

Which entity would you most like to impress?

If you could play with one of the Queen's possessions, what would it be?

Can you cope with long hours outside?

How important is money to you?

Do you hope to always stay in the same sort of job you want now?

How much of your day do you want to spend writing?

Which is the most beautiful royal residence?

What naughty thing might come up in your background check?

Would you ever leak anything to the press?

Can you wear white all day and still look immaculate at the end of it?

What would you say to the Queen if you met her?

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Image: Juice Images / Cultura / Getty Images

About This Quiz

The British Royal Family remains a staple of the newspapers, in countries where the Queen is head of state--the UK, Australia, Canada, and others--and even in countries that ostensibly don't care about royalty and actively abhor the very notion, like the USA. This means there's a huge amount of interest in what happens in their household, and plenty of money to be made in leaking their secrets. That's partly why working for them is considered such a high-status job. You don't just have to be top of your field, you also have to be the very soul of discretion.

It is hard work to be a part of a royal household, according to those who have had the good fortune to be involved, but between the royals' charitable and diplomatic work, it is often very rewarding. The upsides of working for the royals are many. The pay is only average for the industry, though of course as a British resident, you get great health care with it. You also get to live in Palace quarters and sometimes go with them to special places like the Scottish Balmoral estate. You get the ultimate prestige, which gives you your pick of employers when you leave.

Of course, first you need to find the right job. Let's see which one suits you!

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