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Although it was one of his earliest books, it was also one of his most disturbing. How much do you know about Stephen King's "The Shining?"

The hotel at the center of the book is located in which state?

The family gets snowed in by a huge storm and then the madness begins.


What is the name of the hotel that the family cares for?

The Overlook becomes the setting for the worst kinds of nightmares.


How did King decide on the setting for "The Shining"?

The random spot turned out to be Boulder, which provided some isolation for the book's dark material.


When was "The Shining" first published?

It was King's first hardback bestseller.


In the book, what problem dogs the character named Jack?

His drinking problem affects his mental stability right from the first pages of the book.


What is "the shining?"

In the book, the shining helps a character see into the past, even when that past is overwhelmingly terrible.


Which of the family members develops "the shining?"

The young son is cursed with the ability to witness parts of the awful events in the hotel's history.


What occupation did Jack have before taking up the caretaker gig?

But his alcoholism and temper cost him his job.


How long did it take King to finish a first draft of the novel?

After a bad dream, he awoke and after a few minutes already had a rough idea for the plot of the entire book.


How many novels did Stephen King publish before "The Shining?"

It didn’t long for King to find his stride once he'd published a couple of other widely read books.


Before taking the job as caretaker at the hotel, how had Jack hurt his son Danny?

His violent nature becomes a centerpiece of the story as the evil hotel takes hold.


Which character does the hotel first attempt to possess?

Danny's mind proves too strong for the hotel, so the forces instead attack Jack.


What happened to the caretaker that preceded Jack and his family?

He killed his family and then himself after succumbing to the hotel's dark pull.


Who directed "The Shining" feature film?

Kubrick called King's writing "weak" but still decided to make a film based on the book.


What is the name of the sequel to "The Shining?"

And it wasn't released until 2013, decades after the original novel.


What sort of manuscript is Jack creating before the insanity of the hotel seizes his mind?

The real drama that envelopes his family ruins his dramatic writing aspirations.


How many takes were required to finish the scene in which Wendy swings a baseball bat at Jack?

The extreme number of takes actually set a world record.


In the movie, Stephen King was very unhappy with Kubrick's treatment of which character?

He didn't like the move as a whole but he was particularly happy with the one-dimensional portrayal of Wendy.


In how many movies did Danny's actor (Dan Lloyd) appear before retiring from Hollywood?

Apparently, "The Shining" freaked out everyone who might have otherwise hired him.


How does former caretaker Delbert Grady kill his daughters?

Then he murders his wife with the same shotgun he uses to off himself.


Why wasn't Kubrick on location for the scenes that were shot in the American mountains?

He decided to sit it out instead of risking a flight.


Which hotel room number is featured prominently in "The Shining?"

It's the (supposedly haunted) room that King checked into when he began work on the book.


Why didn't King approve of Jack Nicholson's performance in the film?

Jack's character was supposed to seem normal at first, but instead he seems pretty nuts throughout.


How many pages are there in the original version of the novel?

It was, by King's standards, a relatively svelte tome.


How did King decide to write a sequel to "The Shining" instead of another "Dark Tower" novel?

The poll was nearly a tie but "Doctor Sleep" just barely won.


Why were 900 tons of salt used during the making of the film?

Salt and Styrofoam were primary ingredients for the snow scenes.


What odd phrase does Danny repeat throughout the book?

Of course, when viewed in a mirror, that word spells "murder."


How does Jack escape after Danny and Wendy lock him inside the pantry?

The spirit of the previous caretaker lets him go so long as Jack promises to kill his wife.


Why did King's editor try to dissuade him from publishing "The Shining?"

King was just fine with being pigeon-holed as a horror writer.


Why did the real-world lodge ask filmmakers to change the room number from 217 to 237?

Ironically, more people asked for 217 than any other room; 237 doesn't exist in the hotel.


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