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Which group devised the Death Star, the ultimate weapon in the universe?

The evil Galactic Empire created and built the Death Star, a gigantic mobile battle station equipped with a weapon that could destroy an entire planet in one shot. The first Death Star was at least 60 miles in diameter.


How many Death Stars have there been in the "Star Wars" movies?

The Galatic Empire bemoaned the loss of the first Death Star in "Star Wars," thanks to a good shot by Luke Skywalker's X-Wing blasters. In "Return of the Jedi," the second Death Star was blown up by Wedge Antilles and Lando Calrissian.


Which race invented the bowcaster?

It was the Wookies that invented bowcasters, which are essentially revved-up versions of crossbows. Chewbacca rarely wanders into perilous situations without his trusty bowcaster.


Boomas (deployed by the Gungans) are a lot like what other weapaon?

Boomas were used to great effect by the Gungans, most notably in "The Phantom Menace." They are round explosives that work a bit like grenades.


Electrostaffs were meant to fend off which weapon?

Minions of the Galactic Empire loved their electrostaffs, which were specifically designed to ward off the blows of lightsabers. The staffs were easily identified by the glowing, crackling tips of electricity on both ends.


What is one of the most common weapons in the "Star Wars" universe?

Blasters are energized particle weapons found all over the "Star Wars" universe. These energy weapons sometimes look like small pistols, and other times they are more like bulky rifles or shotguns.


Which character is well-known for using the DL-44 heavy blaster pistol?

The DL-44 heavy blaster pistol is a very powerful yet still accurate blaster pistol. Han Solo used his DL-44 frequently during battles against a wide range of angry enemies.


As the Galactic War raged, Princess Leia infiltrated the lair of Jabba the Hutt and threatened him with what sort of weapon?

Thermal detonators look like fancy spherical hand grenades. After she sneaked into Jabba's lair, Leia threatened the chubby overlord with one of the deadly devices in order to obtain concessions in negotiations.


What sort of weapon did Luke Skywalker use to destroy the first Death Star?

Skywalker flew his X-Wing fighter directly across the surface of the Death Star and then fired proton torpedoes from his ship's guns. The twin torpedoes zipped through the thermal exhaust port and then blew up the Death Star.


Which character is known to use Force lightning as a weapon?

The Emperor of the Galactic Empire isn't known for mercy. In "Return of the Jedi," he takes out his wrath on Luke Skywalker using vicious blue Force lightning, torturing Luke with unending sizzling pain.


Blasters are one of the most common "Star Wars" weapons. What effect did they have on living creatures?

You don't want to step into the path of a blaster gun. Sometimes, the energy bolts delivered a bullet-like wallop -- other times, they'd burn right through flesh.


True or false, were wrist rockets a fairly new invention throughout the "Star Wars" movies?

Wrist rockets were a downright ancient weapons technology in "Star Wars." Over thousands of years, these devices have been armed with everything from stun rockets to nerve gases to ion blasters.


Which character did NOT wield a lightsaber?

C-3PO, the loyal golden droid, never had reason to pick up a lightsaber (or any other weapon, for that matter). He preferred to talk his way out of sticky situations.


What sort of projectiles did bowcasters fire?

Bowcasters shot metal bolts enveloped in a veil of high-powered energy. Others skipped the bolt altogether, simply firing pure, painful blasts of energy.


The Type-12A anti-personnel rockets were mostly used by ______.

The Type-12A anti-personnel rocket were mostly used by the bad guys. Boba Fett and Jabba the Hutt both had an affinity for these powerful (and deadly) rockets.


How did turbolasers compare to regular laser cannons?

Turbolasers were much larger versions of laser cannons and blasters. Most of them were integrated into rotating turrets, meaning the business end could track and destroy just about any fast-moving target.


Which character used a menacing double-bladed lightsaber?

For Darth Maul, double the blades meant double the evil. His infamous red lightsaber had two blades. He wielded crimson blades to deadly effect, particularly in "The Phantom Menace."


True or false, are the weapons called "slugthrowers" one of the more advanced weapons in "Star Wars"?

Slugthrowers are essentially weapons that rely on a chemical reaction to propel a slug through a gun barrel. In other words, they're a lot like contemporary human firearms … rather primitive and unsophisticated in comparison to lasers and blasters.


What did "slugthrowers" throw, exactly?

Slugthrowers threw "slugs," all right, but not the slimy kind. They sent deadly projectiles (often made from metal or plastic) towards the target.


Both Death Stars were equipped with what sort of major weapon?

Both Death Stars were built with integrated superlasers. Both superlasers used incredibly focused energy beams capable of destroying entire planets with one blast.


True or false, could Jedis deflect all slugthrower projectiles using their lightsabers?

Jedis were renowned for their ability to deflect blaster bolts using their lightsabers. But high-speed slugthrowers (aka machine guns) had such fast firing rates that even a veteran Jedi couldn't fend off the swarm of projectiles.


The E-Web heavy repeating blaster was used by which entity?

The Galatic Empire loved its E-Web heavy repeating blasters. These "Emplacement Weapons" were large guns that could be partially disassembled and lugged by a crew of stormtroopers. You saw them used during the battle on Hoth.


Vibroweapons use intense ultrasonic vibrations to do what?

There is an array of different vibroweapons in the "Star Wars" universe. They're built using components that increase ultrasonic vibration for the purpose of superior cutting power.


Most lightsabers are made by _____.

Lightsabers are mostly crafted by the people who wield them in combat. This makes every lightsaber light an independent art project … albeit, one that's used for potentially deadly purposes.


In "Revenge of the Sith," Gen. Grievous' bodyguards prefer which weapon?

Gen. Grievous' bodyguards are partial to electrostaffs. They aren't the only Empire thugs to employ electrostaffs, though -- stormtroopers have been known to use these deadly staffs, too.


Which of the following was NOT included as a weapon on X-Wing fighters?

There were no Bantha blasters on X-Wings, of course. These fleet, agile fighters did have both laser cannons and photon torpedoes, though, all the better for bringing ruination to Empire squadrons.


Which group often uses the E-11 blaster rifle?

The E-11 blaster rifle is very common amongst the Galactic Empire's stormtroopers. With three different settings, troopers use the E-11 to sting, stun or kill the opposition.


When ion cannons fire upon enemy ships, they tend to mostly affect ______.

Ion cannons fired either highly ionized plasma or ionized particles. Either way, the blasts took a serious toll on a ship's electrical systems, in much the same manner as a powerful electromagnetic pulse might.


In "Return of the Jedi," what is the color of Luke Skywalker's lightsaber?

Luke's first lightsaber belonged to his father, and it was blue. In "Jedi," however, his signature sword is green, for reasons not fully explained.


Which weapon was supposedly even more powerful than the Death Star?

The legendary Sun Crusher was reportedly deadlier than the Death Stars. No bigger than a starfighter, it could fire a weapon that transformed stars into supernovas, which then exploded and destroyed entire star systems.


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