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"Tiny Toon Adventures" was Looney Tunes for a new generation, featuring the same good-natured comedic spirit with a modern twist to appeal to young viewers. Think you know all there is to know about this '90s favorite? Take our quiz to find out!

Where do the toons on the show reside?

The young toons attend classes taught by classic Looney Tunes characters at Acme Looniversity in the colorful town of Acme Acres.


What color is Buster Bunny?

Buster Bunny, who has blue fur, and pink-furred Babs bunny -- no relation -- are the stars of the show.


What is the name of the young green-feathered duck on the show?

Plucky Duck is a miniature Daffy, but has green feathers instead of black. Like his predecessor, he is known for being more than a little self-centered.


Who does Plucky have a crush on?

Plucky is in love with Shirley the Loon. While they sometimes end up together, she spends most of her time annoyed by his antics.


What does Elmyra Duff love the most?

Elmyra is such an animal lover that her affection borders on abuse. She is inspired by the animal-hunting Elmer Fudd from the classic Looney Tunes cartoons.


Who is the richest boy in Acme Acres?

Montana Max is equally well known for his enormous fortune and ridiculous temper tantrums. He's largely inspired by classic character Yosemite Sam, who was also known for his hair trigger.


What does Gogo Dodo have on his head?

Gogo the Dodo -- who sports an umbrella on his head -- lives just outside of Acme Acres in the town of Wackyland.


What is the name of the unluckiest cat in Acme Acres?

Poor Furrball always seems to end up with the short end of the stick and sports a bandage on his tail as well as a big chunk missing from his ear.


What is the name of the young Tasmanian Devil on the show?

A young Tasmanian Devil named Dizzy Devil lives alone atop Mt. Acme and attends Acme Looniversity with the other young toons.


What kind of creature is Little Beeper?

Road runner Little Beeper stays on the move to avoid Calamity Coyote but usually manages to outsmart his pursuer.


What kind of animal is L'il Sneezer?

Inspired by the character Sniffles from the classic Looney Tunes cartoons, L'il Sneezer is a young mouse with a tremendous sneeze. He is the only student at Acme Looniversity who wears a diaper.


What color is Fifi La Fume?

The amorous skunk sports purple and white fur, plus a pink bow in her hair. Like Pepe Le Pew, she is often on the prowl for someone to love.


What is the name of the young rooster on the show?

Fowlmouth -- a potty-mouthed rooster with a Jersey accent and a bad attitude -- lusts after Shirley the Loon.


Which of these words is Concord Condor most likely to utter?

The dimwitted Concord likes to keep things simple and generally limits his speech to "Yup, yup, yup," or "Nope, nope, nope."


What is the name of Marvin the Martian's apprentice?

Often mistaken for Marvin's daughter after she calls him "Daddio," Marcia the Martian acts as an apprentice to Marvin on the show.


Who are Mama, Papa, Itchy and Flio?

Mama, Papa, Itchy and Flio are a family of fleas living on the unfortunate Furrball's back. In one episode of the show, Flio comes close to marrying a tick.


What kind of creature is Roderick?

Roderick the Rat is Buster's biggest enemy and attends a snooty rich school rather than good old Acme Looniversity.


What school does Roderick attend?

Roderick and Rhubella Rat -- sworn enemies of Buster and Babs -- attend Perfecto Prep, which often ends up competing against Acme in various sporting events.


What year did the show premiere?

"Tiny Toon Adventures" ran for nearly 100 episodes between 1990 to 1995, including a series of TV movies after regular production ended after 1992.


What happens to Acme Acres in the 1992 movie "Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Summer Vacation?"

After Buster and Babs have massive water pistol fight, Acme Acres ends up flooded and the pair float downriver on a raft.


Who tags along with Hamton's family to an amusement park in the movie?

In "How I Spent My Summer Vacation," Plucky goes on a trip to HappyWorldLand with Hamton's family, but doesn't have very much fun along the way.


Who accompanies Buster and Babs on their trip down the river?

The eternally lazy Byron Basset rides downriver with Buster and Babs and ends up saving the day when they almost become dinner on a showboat cruise.


Who played the George Bailey role in the 1992 "It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special"?

After Buster runs into trouble while directing the school Christmas show, he gets a glimpse at what Acme Acres would look like without him in the 1992 holiday special.


What does Acme Acres become without Buster?

Without Buster around, Acme Acres falls to the greed of Montana Max and is renamed Montyville. The beloved Acme Looniversity becomes Montana Max's Business Looniversity instead.


What is the name of Buster's guardian angel in the 1992 special?

Harvey the angel guides Buster through his trip through an alternate Acme Acres. At the end of the special, Harvey reveals himself as Bugs Bunny.


Where do the Toons go in "The Tiny Toons Spring Break Special?"

The Toons head for Ft. Lauderdale in the 1994 special, with the exception of Hamton, who would rather stay home and focus on spring cleaning.


What does Plucky devote his spring break to selling?

Plucky sees big opportunities to sell his Tan Meister 6000, which can take you from pale to bronze in 60 seconds, during the spring break trip.


What does Elmyra dedicate her spring break to?

Elmyra is obsessed with catching the Easter Bunny over spring break and even gets federal marshals involved in her plan.


What terrorizes Plucky in "Tiny Toons' Night Ghoulery?"

Plucky is terrified of Hamton's vacuum cleaner in a segment called "The Tell-Tale Vacuum," which was part of the 1995 Tiny Toons Halloween special.


Who keeps getting hit by a truck in a segment of "Tiny Toons' Night Ghoulery?"

Calamity Coyote spends the segment getting run over by a fuel tanker driven by Little Beeper in the segment "Fuel."


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