Quiz: The UK Landmarks Quiz
The UK Landmarks Quiz
By: Bambi Turner
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When you picture the UK, what do you remember? For many people, the United Kingdom brings to mind iconic landmarks, including the castles, bridges, churches and natural wonders that define England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. From Neolithic structures dating back thousands of years to skyscrapers that push the bounds of architecture, the UK is home to some pretty famous sites. Take our quiz to see how much you know about these UK landmarks!

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Who built the Tower of London?
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What year did the London Eye carry its first passengers?
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How many people ride the London Eye each day?
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How many stones make up Stonehenge?
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The stone monument at Avebury is bigger than Stonehenge.
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What year did Big Ben's bell ring for the first time?
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What is the name of the structure that holds Big Ben?
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Where can you find the Giant's Causeway?
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What is the official residence of the Queen of England?
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Windsor Castle is located in London.
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What is the tallest building in London called?
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What year was construction on the Shard completed?
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Queen Victoria placed the cornerstone for this landmark in 1867.
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Where are the crown jewels kept?
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How many people are buried at Westminster Abbey?
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What is the official name of Westminster Abbey?
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Where is Loch Ness located?
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What was Hyde Park before it was a public park?
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What is the winding body of water in Hyde Park called?
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The National Gallery sits at this famous junction.
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What UK city was home to the Beatles?
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When were the Roman Baths established in what is now Somerset, England?
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Tower Bridge is a drawbridge.
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Where can you view the Rosetta Stone?
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What percent of the British Museum's collection is on display typically?
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William and Kate were married at St. Paul's Cathedral.
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How many rooms are in Buckingham Palace?
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When was Buckingham Palace built?
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