Quiz: How Well Do You Know Stats About Americans?
How Well Do You Know Stats About Americans?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

There are over 300 million Americans, each one unique and with different passions, interests, work ethics and style. But for most, the average American is also uniquely American. Don't believe us? Well, take a trip to any vacation hotspot in the world and chances are you can pick out the Americans easier than any other nationality. They have a certain swagger, a certain confidence that is undeniably ethnocentric. 

Despite their knowledge of the world, Americans tend to be a bit more territorial than you would have thought. In fact, do you know where most Americans live? Could it be the state they were born in? Or, is it another state they moved to and decided never to leave? Do you know the average height of an American woman or American man? 

Money is a big indication of an American. How it is spent, how it is earned and of course, how much is earned. Would you have any idea how much money the average American spends in one day? Or, how much money does the average 18-24-year-old earn in a year? 

From money and movement to lifestyle, political beliefs and worldly knowledge, this quiz will dig into the core of what you think an American is. Are you up for the challenge? Take this quiz to see how much you really know!

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