Quiz: The Ultimate Bird Quiz
The Ultimate Bird Quiz
By: Dyann Joyce
Image: Shutterstock

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Can you tell an osprey from an owlet? With the new protocols in avian diversity, there are now a reported 18,000 different species of birds. Take this quiz and find out!

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Due to a genetic link, what color egg will chickens with red ear lobes produce?
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Which endangered bird lays the largest eggs relative to its body size of any in the world?
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What bird is the closest living relative of the Tyrannosaurus rex?
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Which flightless bird hunts by its highly developed sense of smell?
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Which bird spends years at a stretch without touching land?
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Which species is the only poisonous bird in the world?
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Which is the only bird that can fly sideways and backwards?
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Which birds have the nickname “Jesus Birds,” as they appear to walk on water?
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Which birds became a nuisance in the U.K., puncturing the foil on milk containers and sipping milk?
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Which bird will dye its own feathers with natural substances to attract a mate?
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Which bird will make patios on its nest, that can include up to 300 stones?
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What bird fishes with lures, using insect, berries or pieces of brush to attract fish?
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Which of these is most likely the heaviest living flying bird?
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What is the name of the undigested mass that is coughed up after a meal by birds of prey, like owls?
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Who studied the finches of the Galapagos while polishing his theory of natural selection?
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What bird can move its head in almost a complete circle (360 degrees), but cannot move its eyes?
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Which is the only bird in the world that can walk upright?
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What bird is known to drop tortoises from tall heights to crack them open for a meal?
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Which bird can run at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour?
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What bird species hunts by means of a chemical attack?
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What corn-eating pest has the ability to speak and even use tools?
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What is the fastest flying bird in the world?
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What bird has been known to be in an alliance with alligators?
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What bird has been known to hibernate for months at a time?
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What species of flying parrot is the largest?
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Which common bird is the record holder for biggest spoken vocabulary, at over 1,700 words?
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How many species of birds are there?
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What was the first bird to be domesticated by humans?
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What songbird is kept as a pet in China and taught to mimic other birds and animals?
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What do you call a group of ravens?
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For how long are baby bald eagles fed directly by their parents?
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What is the largest bird on the planet?
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Which living bird has the longest beak?
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What bird of the Galapagos Islands drinks the blood of other birds?
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Which bird is considered to be the first sign of spring?
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