Quiz: The Ultimate Bonanza Trivia Quiz
The Ultimate Bonanza Trivia Quiz
By: Monica Lee
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About This Quiz

Do you remember "Bonanza?" Take this quiz to find out just how much you remember.

Today's television lineup consists of more channels that you can count. However, back in the day (by "the day," we're talking about the 1960s), the selection of television shows was pretty much limited to three channels, and that's if you were lucky. Weekend television was even more limited, especially morning offerings. Typically, on a Sunday morning, you could watch "Bonanza" or one of the religious shows. Did this extreme limitation make "Bonanza" into the popular show it was? Definitely not. After all, one could just have read a book. What made "Bonanza" great were the stellar writing and superb acting.

"Bonanza" aired for the first time on September 12, 1959, with a cast that included Lorne Greene, Dan Blocker, Michael Landon, and Pernell Roberts. Greene was already an established actor, but it was Michael Landon's first starring role. He played the youngest Cartwright brother, Little Joe. The series ran for 14 seasons and a total of 431 episodes, and it won numerous awards including numerous Prime Time Emmys and Golden Globes.

But, best of all, who can forget the opening scene of the burning Ponderosa map and that memorable theme song?

Find out if you can ace this "Bonanza" quiz.

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What is the name of Ben Cartwright's eldest son?
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Which character is nicknamed “Hoss”?
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Which character is nicknamed “Little Joe”?
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What was the name of the Sheriff?
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The family's cook was a Chinese immigrant, what was the character’s name?
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What war was the backdrop of the series?
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Each of Ben Cartwright's sons ​was born from a different mother. AND each mother had a different ethnic background. His first wife was English, but what was the ethnicity of the two other wives?
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What was the name of the deputy?
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Which of the Cartwrights said this? “Well, I think you should invest your money in a good stomach doctor because the next time you use my father or myself in another one of your distorted publicity pieces, you may end up eating the entire newspaper, including the classifieds."
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What was the name of the plucky Army brat who became ranch foreman and timber vessel captain?
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Which one of the Cartwrights said this? "Well Pa, the way I look at it, if a man expects to get ahead in this world, he's got to use his brains instead of his back."
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There was a red-haired orphan on the show. What is the name of the character?
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There was a parolee who works on the ranch, what was the character’s name?
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Which of the Cartwrights responds to Tirza?" Tirza: Spider Venom. It keeps us safe from the wolves and the wild dogs. “Colt 45 will do the same thing."
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Which Cartwright said this? “Anything will taste good if you’re hungry enough.”
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Which Cartwright said this? “The gold rush was over, gone like a soap bubble in the sun. The Ponderosa was just as it has always been. And we went home."
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Which Cartwright owned the chain of restaurants called "Bonanza".
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If you have ever gotten confused between Ponderosa and Bonanza when you think back about the series, you have a good reason to be confused. Why?
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You probably have visited or own some licensed merchandise spurred from Bonanza series. Which of these were created due to the show’s success?
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The show dealt with many controversial topics, which ones?
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Do you think Bonanza is one of the 50 Greatest TV Shows of all time?
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Ben Cartwright was the father in the series. How did the fans view him?
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Bonanza won a top category for the Prime Time Emmy Awards, what was the category?
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That beautiful scenery that is shown upon the opening of the show. Where is that shot?
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Which of the following characters wore a toupee?
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