Quiz: The Ultimate Camping Quiz
The Ultimate Camping Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
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At its core, camping is a bit odd. Humans leave their established dwellings to set up smaller, flimsier shelters in areas with fewer (if any) conveniences. Yet the practice is incredibly popular. How much do you know about camping and camping gear?

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A "three-season" tent is good for all but which season?
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A "one-season" tent is only good for which season?
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Which piece of equipment might feature a "bathtub floor"?
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What do you put in your "chuck box"?
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Where are you most likely to find dispersed camping opportunities?
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"Fill-power" is often used in reference to what?
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Ultralight camping equipment appeals primarily to which sort of camper?
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"Glamping" is an especially luxurious type of camping.
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Down sleeping bags are typically the best choice for camping.
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Shock-corded poles are an essential component of which product?
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It's a great idea to drink water straight from that clear, beautiful mountain stream.
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"Backcountry" refers to which type of camping location?
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What might you put in your tent's vestibule?
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Where would you find a "draft tube"?
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If you "bivouac," you are setting up a major campsite.
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Boondocking is a term often used for which style of camping?
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A "rain fly" is part of which item?
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You can drink "potable" water.
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Which of the following makes for a great fire starter?
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Don't leave food in your tent at night.
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Why should you think twice about setting up your tent under a tree?
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