Quiz: The Ultimate Engine Quiz
The Ultimate Engine Quiz
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Getty Images via Coneyl Jay

About This Quiz

A car without an engine is pretty useless, isn't it? Unless you have someone to push! But let's be a little more serious. The engine on your car is nothing short of an engineering miracle. So many parts all working in perfect unison. And their sole aim? Convert the power your engine produces into energy. And in that way, you have a mode of transport that can get you from A to B. Those parts need to work in perfect harmony to make your engine purr. But that's not all that is expected of them. They need to work efficiently as well. Why? Well, an engine that doesn't run properly is just going to get worse over time. And you know what that means. A debit to your bank balance in the future.

But how much do you know about the internal combustion engine and car engines in particular? Do you know your exhaust manifolds from your mufflers, your oil pump from your fuel pump or your spark plug from your glow plug? If car engines are your thing, then this is the quiz for you! Do you think you can beat the chasing pack and take the checkered flag first in the ultimate engine quiz?

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