Quiz: The Ultimate Farm Slang Quiz
The Ultimate Farm Slang Quiz
By: Talin Vartanian
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About This Quiz

Life on a farm is more than just growing and harvesting crops or feeding fodder to livestock. A wide variety of slang words, phrases and idioms are used to describe people and specific situations. In this quiz, we'll take a look at 35 different words and phrases that have been popular throughout many years of farm life.

Let's take a look at two of these idioms. For example, do you know what it means to "get one's goat?" It actually has nothing to do with goats themselves. Rather, it means to make someone upset or irritated. An example of a sentence with this phrase would be "I can't stand talking to him anymore, he's just been getting my goat lately!"

Another example of a common farm phrase is "put out to pasture." This means that a farmer must retire from their line of work due to their old age. An example sentence would be "My aging father wanted to keep working, but the boss put him out to pasture and hired a young developer instead."

If you think you're an expert on farm slang words and phrases, than we challenge you to score at least a 70% on this farm slang quiz! Show us what you can do right now!

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When you sell crops for money, this is known as a...?
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Farmers wear heavy shoes when doing farm work. Do you know what these shoes are called?
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Farmers typically wear jeans on a farm, but do you know what they're called?
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To fix something in a strange but workable fashion is called...?
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When farmers put fertilizer on top of soil, what is this known as?
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A "difficult task" equates to which of these phrases?
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Wild animals that cause a nuisance to farmers are known as...?
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When you burn down trees to make room for crops, this is called...?
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Some farmers live on a really small farm. Do you know what that's called?
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If I own a piece of farm land, this is called...?
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Farmers tend to nickname their cows as...?
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Some cows are brown in color. Do you know what they're nicknamed as?
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When farmers use their crops and livestock to live off of (but not to sell for money), what is this called?
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When you grow crops and raise animals on the same farm, this is known as...?
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When a farmer chooses to raise crops instead of livestock, this is also called...?
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One of these words also means "corn." Can you spot it?
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A person who helps to raise cattle is called a...?
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When a farmer raises crops and livestock to sell for profit, what is this called?
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Do you know the type of field where rice is grown?
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When a farmer primarily raises livestock, this is known as...?
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Old machines are typically stored in the ______.
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An "animal thief" is also called a...?
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Where do farmers sit in a tractor?
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A large farm is called an...?
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Some farmers grow peach trees on a farm. Do you know what this is called?
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Do you know where apple cider is made from?
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Corn kernels that taste a bit sweet are called...?
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When a farmer uses GPS data to look at certain aspects of their farm, this is known as...?
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What is it called when a farmer breeds certain types of fish?
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Plants are sometimes grown in water instead of soil. What is this known as?
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What's another word for a farm?
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