Quiz: The ULTIMATE Geographical Border Test for World Leaders
The ULTIMATE Geographical Border Test for World Leaders
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: pixabay

About This Quiz

What is a border? Technically, it means an edge, but in geographical and geopolitical terms, it means the place that two nation states' territories meet. Sometimes borders follow a natural geographical boundary such as a river or a cliff, and many of them are found at a shoreline. Sometimes they follow a historic boundary between the estates of two long-deceased lords, or a place where two communities lived side-by-side. Some mark a departed boundary like a river that has since dried up or a wood that has been cut down. However, some are honestly pretty darn arbitrary!

Borders are an entirely human invention. If the country on either side of a border is at peace, you can usually walk that border without having any idea it's there. Other borders are marked by a little fence or perhaps just a line on the ground. Still other borders are mostly unfortified but have small checkpoints where roads or lanes cross from one nation to another. Within Europe, there are areas in which it is easy to go from country to country without knowing you did. Other borders bristle with weapons, hostility, and even no-man's zones full of landmines.

How well do you know borders? Let's find out!

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