Quiz: The Gilmore Girl Fan Quiz!
The Gilmore Girl Fan Quiz!
By: Kelly

About This Quiz

They shoot Gilmores, don't they?! Before anyone takes aim, let's travel back in time to the turn of the millennium after you realized the world wasn't ending. The WB introduced a new show with a quick-witted mother-daughter duo, but are you quick-witted enough to beat this quiz?

In October 2000, The WB introduced "The Gilmore Girls," a series about a single mother raising her bright and ambitious daughter. In their small town of Stars Hollow, you witnessed the quick banter between mother and child, the meddlesome behavior of the town's residents, and even their sometimes explosive town hall meetings!

As a fan of "Gilmore Girls," you watched Rory blossom from a high school student to an Ivy League graduate. You watched Lorelai's long-winded exchange with Luke over her obsession with caffeine. Over ten years have passed since The CW aired its last official episode, but how much do you remember

Do you remember Rory's first kiss? Can you rattle off the names of Lorelai's boyfriends? What's the name of the actor who played Tristan?

Take some time off from debating whether Dean, Jess, or Logan was the better boyfriend and see if you're as big a fan as you claim you are! Are you the ultimate fan? Let's find with this ultimate "Gilmore Girls" quiz!

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