Quiz: The Ultimate "Hipster Doofus" Cosmo Kramer Quiz
The Ultimate "Hipster Doofus" Cosmo Kramer Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Were you a "Seinfeld" aficionado? Was Kramer your favorite member of the bunch? If you think you can hang with the gang, take this quiz.

Every sitcom has the lovable doofus that provides comic relief. In "Friends," it was Joey; in "The Flintstones," it was Barney; and in Seinfeld, it was Kramer. Although all members of the Seinfeld cast were funny, watchers knew that a scene with Kramer was certain to provide a level of comedy that exceeded all other scenes. But who, exactly, was Kramer?

Cosmo Kramer was dubbed by Elaine, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, to be a "hipster doofus," which is, if you think about it, quite an interesting combination. A hipster is someone who has a unique sense of fashion and mannerisms, and a doofus is.... well... a doofus. Kramer's hair, his way of dressing, and the occasional Cuban cigar, as well as his one of a kind way of getting himself into a world of trouble, made him the comedic relief he was.

Played by Michael Richards, and based on "Seinfeld" creator, Larry David's former neighbor, the character of Kramer is generally agreed to be one of the most entertaining television characters of all time.

So, are you ready to test your Kramer knowledge? Let's get started.

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What is the name of the actor that played Kramer?
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The character Kramer was based on a real-life neighbor of co-creator Larry David.
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With the help of bra salesman Sid Farkus and Frank Costanza, Kramer invents an undergarment for man breasts which he calls the:
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Kramer has a deep seated fear of:
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Kramer and Newman play a cutthroat game of:
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Franklin Delano Tomanowski (often called FDR) is a hot dog vendor whose birthday wish is for Kramer to:
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Kramer's mother is named:
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Kramer collaborates with Toby on a coffee table book about:
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In the episode "The Puerto Rican Day," Kramer gains access to a restroom in an apartment for sale by posing as a man named:
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In the episode "The Bizarro Jerry," Kramer accidentally gets a job at a company called Brand/Leland. What is his salary?
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In the pilot episode, Jerry calls Kramer by the first name:
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What was the name of the woman in a wheelchair that Kramer fell in love with?
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What does Kramer install in his shower so he can prepare vegetables while showering?
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What does Kramer name the chicken he purchases for "cage-free, farm-fresh" eggs because he doesn't like "sweat shop eggs"?
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Kramer borrows Jerry's air-conditioned car. When the car overheats because the radiator is dry, Kramer fills it with:
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What does Kramer install outside his apartment to provide the "cool evening breezes of Anytown, USA" in "The Serenity Now" episode?
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Kramer creates a cologne that smells of:
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In the opening montage of the episode "The Bookstore" which of the following does Kramer do at Jerry's place when he's not home?
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In season one, working under the name "Kramerica Industries" what business does Kramer conceptualize?
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After Kramer falls asleep during a make-out session with a woman, she calls some mobster-type friends to get rid of his body. What do they do with Kramer?
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When Kramer finds out the life stories he sold to J. Peterman were put into Peterman's biography, Kramer starts conducting "The Peterman Reality Tour" on a school bus for how much money per person?
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In "The Beard" how does Kramer find a way to make some money at a police station?
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What is the name of the little person that Kramer works with when he gets a job as a stand-in actor on the series "All My Children?"
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Who does Kramer work with to reverse the peephole in his apartment front door?
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What pseudonym does Kramer use when posing as a "Juilliard-trained dermatologist"?
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In true Kramer fashion, he somehow ends up serving as a personal coach for a Miss America contestant that Jerry is dating. What state did she represent in the pageant?
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Which candy does Kramer persistently offer Jerry while they view the abdominal surgery of Elaine's boyfriend Roy?
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When Peterman meets Cosmo Kramer, he buys his life stories for:
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Where is Kramer when he utters the catchphrase line, "God... it's like a sauna in here"?
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In the episode "The Pool Guy," Kramer's new phone number, 555-FILK, is similar to a:
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Upon learning that Kramer had attended baseball fantasy camp, who commented that "his whole life is a fantasy camp!"?
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