Quiz: The Ultimate Hunting Safety Quiz
The Ultimate Hunting Safety Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
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Hunting is a favorite pastime for many Americans, but it can be dangerous for more than the prey. Weapons like bows and guns demand your utmost respect. How much do you know about hunting safety?

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Let's start with the basics. You should always assume that every gun is WHAT?
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Before hunting season, how should you prepare?
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If the gun doesn't fire when you pull the trigger, what should you do?
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Hunter orange garments are required in every state.
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Deer can see hunter orange.
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Keep your finger off of your gun's trigger until you are ready to WHAT?
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You should never carry a bow or gun with you as you climb into a tree stand. How should you get your weapon into the stand?
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Before you shoot, confirm your target and what else?
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How much alcohol should you consume before hunting?
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What should you use to get in and out of your tree stand?
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What should you do with arrows until you're ready to shoot?
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After you shoot a big game animal such as an elk, what should you do?
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You should always have a rain jacket of some sort when you go hunting.
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Be sure to match the arrow to the WHAT of your bow?
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Before you shoot an animal, you should be 95 percent sure of your target.
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You should always dry fire your bow before a hunt.
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What's one indispensable tool for waterfowl hunters?
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If one of your arrows displays a crack, what should you do with it?
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What should every hunter keep nearby during a hunt?
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If you have to cross a fence while you're hunting, what should you do with your weapon?
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If your target animal appears on a ridge, what should you do?
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When you're waterfowl hunting, what should you do with your cell phone?
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You should double-check your ammunition before every hunt.
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Hunters who wear blaze orange clothing are how much less likely to be accidentally shot?
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Store your gun and ammo in the same locked cabinet.
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What's the No. 1 rule of safe hunting?
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