Quiz: The Ultimate No Country For Old Men Quiz
The Ultimate No Country For Old Men Quiz
By: John Miller
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Few movies can match the stark brutality and menace of "No Country for Old Men." This Coen Brothers film garnered critical praise for its bleak but enthralling storyline. How much do you know about the much-celebrated neo-Western?

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"No Country for Old Men" was released in 2007. What sort of movie is it?

"No Country for Old Men" is a modernist take on a Western thriller. It is a dark, moody movie that explores the bleak side of human nature.

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This movie had a well-known cast. Who is the star?

Tommy Lee Jones is a sheriff named Ed Tom Bell, a WWII veteran who is about to retire from his career in law enforcement. He's about to encounter a strange series of events.

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The setting of this movie is stark and dry. Where does the story take place?

Bell is a sheriff in West Texas, known for its wide open spaces and remoteness … and lawlessness.

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The movie is based on a novel.

The movie is based on Cormac McCarthy's 2005 novel. McCarthy is the same author who wrote the apocalyptic book, "The Road," which became an equally apocalyptic movie starring Viggo Mortensen.

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Who plays the role of Llewelyn Moss?

Josh Brolin is Llewelyn Moss, a Vietnam vet who is out in the open country hunting pronghorn antelope. He's a down-on-his-luck kind of guy who might yet have amazing opportunities in front of him.

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What does Moss stumble upon while he's hunting?

Moss stumbles upon dead bodies, a wounded man … and $2 million in cash. He decides that no one will miss the money if he decides to keep it for himself.

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Why is there a bunch of money sitting in the middle of the desert?

It's a drug deal gone wrong in the desert. All of the men are dead except one, who is mortally wounded, meaning that Moss may have found his ticket to lifelong wealth.

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Moss grabs the money … but then returns to the scene later that night. Why?

Moss feels bad for the wounded man who begged him for water. He decides to return to the scene to help the poor man quench his thirst.

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The story takes place in Texas, but most of the filming happened where?

Most of the shooting took place in remote areas of New Mexico, but some scenes were filmed in Texas. The dusty Western towns become settings for a very unsettling story.

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The movie has some interesting quirks. Who directed the film?

Brothers Ethan and Joel Coen directed the movie. They are known for off-kilter films such as "The Big Lebowski" and "Fargo."

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Moss returns to the scene of the drug deal that went wrong. Then what happens?

He returns to the scene and encounters criminals who shoot him and chase him through the desert. He barely escapes with his life.

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Javier Bardem plays the role of Anton Chigurh, who has which occupation?

Chigurh is a hit man. He's been ordered to recover the $2 million that Moss stumbled upon in the desert.

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Kelly Macdonald is Carla. How does Carla play into the story?

Carla is Moss's wife. He doesn't really tell her the amount of money he found in the desert, but the cash is about to bring some seriously bad luck to both of them.

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The movie was made in 2007. What was its budget?

Given the all-star cast and top-shelf directors, the $25 million budget was a bargain. That's especially true given the movie's solid box-office performance.

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How much did the movie haul in at the box office?

It was no "Star Wars," but considering the violent content, the movie did very well -- it grossed around $170 million. Equally satisfying for the directors, it grabbed critics in a very good way.

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Tommy Lee Jones worried about taking the part of the sheriff. Why was he concerned?

Jones had played the part of the old sheriff before, and was concerned that he was becoming too typecast into that kind of character. But the excellent script and star directors drew him in.

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Chigurh is a hit man. His personality is best described as what?

The opening scene of the movie shows Chigurh violently strangling a sheriff's deputy. He's a cold-hearted killer who has no regard for human life.

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During one scene, Chigurh becomes irritated with a gas station clerk and considers killing him. How does the clerk save his own life?

Chigurh insists that the man flip a coin and call it. The clerk guesses heads, which is correct … and he unknowingly saves himself from a brutal death.

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How does Chigurh find Moss … and the money?

The case of money has an electronic tracking device that leads the hit man straight to Moss's cheap motel room. The chase is on.

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Woody Harrelson plays a man named Carson Wells. What's Carson's purpose during the story?

Wells is a bounty hunter (and acquaintance of Chigurh) who's also out to recover the $2 million. When he catches up to Moss, he tries to convince Moss to give him money in exchange for protection from Chigurh.

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Actor Javier Bardem hates violence. So why did he accept the role of the psychopathic killer?

It was one of Bardem's dreams to work with the well-regarded Coen brothers. So he set aside his misgivings about the violence and took up the role of Chigurh.

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This is an extremely violent movie. How many people die?

There are 22 deaths in this movie. The hit man, Chigurh, is responsible for many the worst killings.

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What is the hit man's weapon of choice?

Chigurh is fond of his captive bolt pistol. It’s the kind of pistol used to kill livestock like cows and hogs before they are slaughtered.

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Sheriff Bell is extremely fond of violence.

Bell is retiring in large part because he's tired of the wanton violence he witnesses in West Texas. Little does he know, he's about to see even more bloodshed.

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The hit man eventually catches up to Moss. What happens?

Chigurh finally catches up to his prey and kills him. He takes the money and leaves.

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Chigurh eventually catches up to Moss's wife, Carla, and kills her.

The scene is a bit vague, but after he has a menacing conversation with Carla, Chigurh leaves the house and glances at the bottoms of his boots … presumably to check the soles for Carla's blood.

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The movie received the highest praise from critics. It was nominated for how many Academy Awards?

"No Country for Old Men" received eight Oscar nominations. It won half that number.

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The movie did NOT win which Academy Award?

The movie didn't win Best Achievement in Cinematography. But it did win Best Picture and Best Director, two of the most coveted categories.

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After Chigurh kills Carla, karma abruptly catches up to him. He's badly hurt in a random car accident, and he must bribe two kids to keep quiet about the incident as he limps away in pain.

The ending is a typical Coen brothers headscratcher. After all of the mayhem, the final scene is of the sheriff recounting a dream to his wife.

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