Quiz: The Ultimate Old World Lingo Quiz
The Ultimate Old World Lingo Quiz
By: Isadora Teich
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

The phrases and slang used throughout the history of the world may not have always had a great ring to them, but they sure are interesting! Some slang might be funny, charming or even offensive. It comes from different time periods and places making it that much more diverse. Which slang word is your favorite?

Do you know what the first meaning of the word "swag" was? Can you name a "square" in your life? Do you know what "earth pads" would have referred to in the past? Maybe you even know what the "morbs" are? Slang was and is still used in all aspects of life, from descriptions to items and feelings.

Do you know what a "bluenose" is? Do you know what it would mean to have "timber toe?" Would you know what to say if someone said, "Don't sell me a dog?" If those are easy, can you define what "canceled stamp" means? Sometimes a phrase might seem obvious, but it might not mean what you think!

If you're like a slang dictionary, this quiz will be easier than English class. If you think you know your slang (and a bit of history) take this quiz to see your score!

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