Quiz: The Ultimate Pokémon Generation I SuperFan Quiz
The Ultimate Pokémon Generation I SuperFan Quiz
By: Eric
Image: Sergei Bachlakov/Xinhua Press/Corbis

About This Quiz

Calling all true Pokemon Masters!

Do you know which Pokemon you can start your journey with? How about what region you're in? Who do you see to pick your starter?

Pokemon have been winning hearts worldwide since they were created. Ever since, people around the world have been working to become a true Pokemon champion. They have a passion for the games, anime, and card game that made them fall in love with the franchise.

To prove yourself as a master of the Kanto region, you'll need to know the games and the Pokemon in them. Do you the weight of Charizard? How about where you can battle Sabrina? Which Poke Ball do you only receive one of? If you're a real Pokemon master, these questions should be a breeze.

Can you name the 151 original Pokemon? How much do you know about them? There's a lot to know, as each Pokemon is unique in its own way. Make sure that you know your types and evolutions; these are important for Pokemon trainers to master.

Pokemon come in all shapes in sizes, so there is a lot to know about these creatures. So, if you think you're the very best, you'll have no trouble. Use tackle on this quiz and see if you have what it takes to become a Pokemon champion!

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