Quiz: The Ultimate Vietnam War Quiz
The Ultimate Vietnam War Quiz
By: Scott Nordlund
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About This Quiz

The Vietnam War was one of the most violent conflicts the United States ever participated in. It took place in three countries - Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos - and lasted twenty years of difficult jungle fighting, resulting in the American withdrawal in 1975. While neither side claimed defeat, it is hard to gauge a victory with the loss of over 58,000 American soldiers. Do you consider yourself a Vietnam buff? Do you know the battles, the leaders and their soldiers? Can you navigate the Mekong Delta or fight your way in and out of foxholes? 

The twenty-year war had countless battles and skirmishes, but can you identify the event that started the war? Or if that event actually happened? We call the war "The Vietnam War," but what did the Vietnamese call it? You might be surprised. You might be familiar with the fact that Vietnam was one of the first conflicts that saw the regular use of SEAL teams one and two, but do you know what their kill ratio was?

These are only a few of the questions you'll come across in this quiz. Do you think you're up for the challenge, soldier? Most people aren't, but you aren't most people, are you?

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The Vietnam War was known as what to the Vietnamese people?
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Vietnamese forces were nicknamed what by the Americans?
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What was the famous incident that sparked the war?
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What did the USA enlist during the Vietnam War that lead to massive civil unrest at home?
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To what country did the draft dodgers mainly escape to?
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What other superpower was active in the Vietnam War, in providing the Vietcong armaments and equipment?
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The leader of the Vietcong was...
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Which further conflict did Vietnam partake?
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What children's toy was used for radio communication by American troops?
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Due to the draft, how many Americans fled the country as draft dodgers?
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What country was the former colonial power that oversaw Vietnam?
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What was the kill ratio of US Navy Seal Team 1 and 2?
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What recently deceased boxer refused to be drafted?
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What was the name of the chemical agent that US military forces used on Vietcong forces?
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The Vietnam War allowed what on the front lines?
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What did the US air force use to fix rotors on helicopters?
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Officially what was the Vietnam War called in the US?
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What was the name of the main supply trail used by Vietcong forces?
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How many days of conflict did the average soldier experience?
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When did the Vietnam War begin?
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When did the Vietnam War end?
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What did Vietnam sign in 1954 to divide the country in half?
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What Vietcong offensive changed the course of the war in 1968?
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US forces invaded what country in 1970?
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At what university were shots fired into a crowd by National Guard members?
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In what year did the US begin ground operations in Vietnam?
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Who was the US general in charge of the operation?
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Name the two NATO nations that famously refused to send troops along with the US.
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Where did one of the largest war crime ever committed by US forces take place?
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What was the first hollywood film based in the Vietnam War?
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What US ship pushed $10 million worth of aircraft into the sea to allow a cesna full of evacuees to land on its deck?
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What was the last battle of the conflict?
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