Quiz: The Wealthiest Athletes on Earth Quiz
The Wealthiest Athletes on Earth Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
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The best athletes aren't just sports stars -- they are business-savvy capitalists as well. How much do you know about the world's wealthiest athletes?

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As of 2016, which sport does the world's wealthiest athletes play?
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As of 2016, who is the world's wealthiest athlete?
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Lionel Messi is the world's second wealthiest athlete. How much did he earn in 2016?
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In 2016, which American athlete was wealthiest?
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In 2016, how many NBA stars appeared on the top ten of Forbes' list of richest athletes?
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Who was the highest paid female athlete?
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How much did Serena Williams earn?
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Of the roughly $68 million dollars that tennis star Roger Federer made in 2016, how much came from his match winnings?
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When was the last time golfer Tiger Woods topped the list of wealthiest athletes?
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In 2016, which NFL player reaped the most in salary and endorsements?
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Which wealthy female athlete is know as the "Ninja"?
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Which of the following is NOT a company that endorses MMA celebrity Ronda Rousey?
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Many athletes make far more from endorsements than their salaries. How much more did LeBron James make from endorsements compared to his job pay?
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How much has basketball icon Michael Jordan earned over the course of his career?
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How much did Lakers star Kobe Bryant make over the course of his career?
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How much does Michael Jordan make every year from Nike?
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How much did Phil Mickelson earn on the golf course from summer 2015 to summer 2016?
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Why did tennis star Maria Sharapova lose many of her endorsements?
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After Michael Jordan, who is the world's all-time wealthiest athlete?
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How much did soccer star David Beckham make his first year following retirement?
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Of the top 10 wealthiest female athletes, how many do NOT play tennis?
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Which athlete was No. 1 on the 2015 edition of the Forbes list of wealthiest athletes?
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How much has golfer Jack Nicklaus made over the course of his career?
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How much was Arnold Palmer making each year in business deals when he died in September 2016?
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Which company paid the most for the endorsement of tennis player Caroline Wozniacki?
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From mid-2015 to mid-2016, Forbes estimates that the top-100 wealthiest athletes made about how much money?
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Race car driver Danica Patrick made more from her winnings than she did from endorsements.
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Which of the following NBA stars earned the most from June 2015 to June 2016?
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What percentage of tennis player Maria Sharapova's earnings came from prize money?
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Who was the highest ranking golfer on the 2016 Forbes list?
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