Theoretical Particle or Tasty Treat?

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Subatomic theory is a rapidly changing field. Take our quiz to see if you can distinguish between theoretical particles and delicious dessert snacks!

Mmmm … sparticles. Sounds yummy. But is that complex physics or a delicious snack?

Sorry, snack fans. In subatomic theory, sparticles (AKA superpartners) are supersymmetric versions of standard particles.


Pocky is the name used to describe a….

Created in 1966, Pocky is a Japanese treat consisting of a stick-shaped cookie dipped in delicious chocolate.


Preons: edible or theoretical?

Think of preons as tiny building blocks which make up the known element particles, like quarks and leptons. 


Darioles: something to snack on or theorize about?

Darioles are French treats which consist of either pastry shells or molded chocolate complete with a delectable filling.


Are gravitons the latest dessert craze or another particle that makes up the universe?

In subatomic theory, gravitons are the theoretical, massless particles that carry the force of gravity.


Is a mendiant something scientific or something to eat?

Mendiants, which originated in France, are small disks of chocolate topped with yummy extras like nuts or fruit.


Are squarks a potential particle or the latest candy on the market?

A squark is a type of sparticle; think of it as the supersymmetric version of the quark.


Teurgoule: theoreticle particle or sweet treat?

Teurgoule, which hails from Normandy, is a slow-cooked sweet rice pudding topped with a caramelized crust.


Tachyon: something to snack on or study?

Theoretically, tachyons are particles that travel faster than light (if they actually exist, that is).


Skor: theoretical particle or tasty treat?

Like toffee? Skor is Hershey's answer to the Heath bar, and features crisp butter toffee enrobed in milk chocolate.


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