There Are Four Main Hair Types — Which Do You Have?

Talin Vartanian

Which of these celebrities do you look up to for hair inspiration?

How often do you wash your hair during the week?

What type of hair product do you tend to reach for at a beauty store?

Everyone has hair problems, but which of these do you relate to the most?

What is the current length of your hair?

Have you ever colored your own hair?

Which of these hairstyles would you like to try for a first date?

Is it more fun to style your own hair or have it done at a salon?

What's your go-to accessory that keeps your hair in place?

Happiness can only be found in which of these hair styling tools?

Does your hair contain any beautiful highlights or lowlights?

How would you describe the shape of your face?

Which of these hair brands do you like to stock up on?

How about treating yourself to one of these salon treatments for your hair?

What do you like to focus on more: your hair or makeup?

It's time to copy the hairstyle of one of these Disney princesses! Which do you choose?

What's your outlook on having bad hair days?

How would you describe your current approach to hairstyles?

Would you ever dye your hair purple for $500?

When you want your hair to smell good, you'll reach for which of these scented hair mists?

Is sea salt spray a big part of your hair care regimen?

Do you think that a career as a hair model is in your near future?

Which of these famous hairstylists would you love to hire?

Where do you look to for some new hairstyle ideas?

How do you personally feel about hair that is super shiny?

Let's choose a beautiful type of haircut that will suit your personality!

What % high-maintenance are you when it comes to your hair?

Which of these haircuts would you never try in a million years?

Rate your hairstyling skills using our 1-10 scale!

Would you describe your favorite hairstyles as more modern or retro?

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About This Quiz

If you take a good look around you, you'll notice a wide variety of hair colors, hairstyles and hair textures. We all have one of these "hair types" on our head, and before you take this beauty quiz, we're going to go over what they all are!

Let's start with straight hair, which is also known as "type 1 hair." As the name implies, straight hair doesn't have any defining curls or waves to it, but it's also versatile enough to be transformed into different types of hairstyles. This type of hair is also not very prone to damage from heated styling tools. Next up is "type 2 hair," which you might know as wavy hair. You won't need much to maintain beautiful beach waves, but this hair type is definitely prone to frizz that is caused by humidity. Curly hair is known as "type 3 hair," which is known for its volume and spiral strands. While more effort is needed to maintain these types of curls, this is definitely a great look for people with a bold personality. And finally, there is "type 4 hair" which is also known as kinky hair. The curls are tightly woven with this one, but it's also very prone to damage. 

So if you're curious about which type of hair you have, then take our beauty quiz right now!

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