Quiz: There's no place like home: The '227' quiz
There's no place like home: The '227' quiz
By: Maria Trimarchi
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Do you remember when Cuba Gooding Jr. guest starred as a skater-slash-undercover cop? What about Ron Glass as the IRS agent Mary Jenkins (greatly) dislikes? From Brenda's pet piglet, Alberta, to that time when Mary and Rose shared a butler, see how much you remember about this '80s sitcom.

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What kind of business does Lester Jenkins own?
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What is the sitcom based on?
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Whose favorite hangout is her apartment window?
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Who from the cast performs the show's theme song?
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Who's known for their way of saying, “Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaary!”?
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Who might you hear refer to themselves in the third person?
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Who competes against Sandra on Wheel of Fortune?
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Mary has jury duty on the night of her anniversary with Lester. How does he sneak in to see her?
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Eventually, Sandra needs a roommate. Who moves in?
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Who guest stars as Donna Dalton?
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Sandra's chosen to play in the Fast Money round on which gameshow?
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Calvin Dobbs was Brenda Jenkins' first love, and whose grandson?
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Who becomes the landlord of the "227" apartment building after the former landlord, Mr. Calloway, dies?
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Which musician plays Prince Lionel, the island-kingdom prince who decides he wants to marry Brenda?
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Who guest stars as Dr. Thelma Butler, Mary's now-famous psychiatrist friend?
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With whom does Sandra go into the pillow business with?
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What is the name of Rose's video dating service persona?
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Who guest stars as "Eartha Kitten"?
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Who works at Lester's construction company, for at least one episode?
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Where does Sandra get Brenda a part-time job?
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Brenda plagiarizes one of Mary's old assignments in an attempt to be an extra in a music video being shot at her high school. Who's the artist?
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Who guest stars as Dr. Peterson, the doctor caring for Lester when he's taken to the hospital with appendicitis?
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What were Pearl, Mary and Rose protesting when they end up in jail?
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Who plays at Mary's church charity show?
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On what reality show did Countess Vaughn perform before getting the role of Alexandria DeWitt?
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Before starring with her on 227, who made a guest appearance with Marla Gibbs on The Jeffersons?
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After starring with her on The Jeffersons, who made a guest appearance on 227?
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Who starred in the pilot episode of a potential 227 spin-off?
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Three of these characters appear in 115 episodes of the series, over its 5-year run. Who doesn't?
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Who won an NAACP Image Award for Best Actress for her role?
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