Quiz: These Cars Are a Mechanic's Dream. How Many of Them Can You Identify?
These Cars Are a Mechanic's Dream. How Many of Them Can You Identify?
By: Jody Mabry
Image: Motor Trend Channel via youtube

About This Quiz

If your idea of a great weekend is spending it in the garage tweaking your classic muscle car, then this quiz is for you. If you can identify each of these 50 cars by sight alone, you can crown yourself a true grease monkey.

Let's be honest, many mechanics today have a love-hate relationship with modern cars. We can all appreciate what they do and the advances in engineering that have made even the lowest cost automobile an efficient driving machine, but today's cars definitely lack the personality of the classics. And, according to many mechanics, the classics were far easier to work on without an advanced degree in thermodynamics (or something else just as equally complicated and intimidating). The reality is many of today's cars operate on technology so advanced that the average grease monkey doesn't have the equipment to diagnose or treat problems. Oh, how we, and your average backyard mechanic, long for the days when cars were cars and not Jetsons-age machines. The good news is the cars in this quiz were so well made that they'll be on the road for decades to come. Take care of them, folks.

Let's find out how much you know about these great cars!

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